Todos los permisos para la quema de desechos están suspendidos hasta nuevo aviso

El MFD está suspendiendo todos los permisos para la quema de desechos en la Ciudad de Madison, el Pueblo de Blooming Grove, y la Villa de Shorewood Hi

All Burn Permits Are Suspended Until Further Notice

The MFD is suspending all burn permits in the City of Madison, Town of Blooming Grove, and Village of Shorewood Hills until further notice.

Fire Sprinkler Protection: See the Difference!

Saturday, May 19 is National Home Fire Sprinkler Day. All week long we’re spreading the word about the benefits of installing home fire sprinklers! Join the conversation online using the hashtag #HomeFireSprinklerDay.

Fires today burn hotter and faster, becoming deadly in as few as three minutes due to the amount of synthetic materials that comprise the modern home.

New and old homes alike are filled with newer contents and furnishings, which provide less margin for success for smoke alarms and add to the need for automatic fire sprinklers.

Unprotected modern lightweight home construction products, especially wood truss roof systems and wood joists, can rapidly fail under fire conditions, an extreme risk to firefighters responding to a fire.

Fire sprinklers not only activate well before firefighters arrive, they also increase the likelihood that the fire won’t spread beyond the room of origin, keeping damage contained.

See for yourself! Watch the video below to see the difference a fire sprinkler makes:

Considering fire sprinklers for your home?

Contact MFD Fire Protection Engineer Bill Sullivan at (608) 261-9658 to get started!

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