MFD Mailbag

  • MFD Mailbag: 'A Rousing Thank You to Fire Station 10' Posted 12/29/2017

    "On Christmas Eve, Madison’s Fire Station 10, with truck and crew, escorted Santa and Mrs. Claus around the Cherokee neighborhood. This is a time-honored tradition in which Mr. and Mrs. are driven by elves (who happen to own a convertible.) The light snow and mild temp allowed for endless children and children-at-heart to come out and wave. There were even driveway fire pits (safe ones!) to rally around. Read more »
  • MFD Mailbag: "The Miracle Wedding" Posted 08/14/2016

    We at the Madison Fire Department love to hear good news from the people we’ve met, especially those whom we met in the most trying circumstances.  Read more »
  • MFD Mailbag: Kudos For the Crew of Engine 7A Posted 07/07/2015

    When our firefighters take an oath to protect life and property, sometimes it means going the extra mile in some of the most unexpected situations. A grateful citizen wished to express her sincere thanks after a few of our A-shift firefighters took time to help a family of ducks in distress on Sunday, July 5. She writes: Read more »