Our hearts are heavy today with news of the passing of a fellow firefighter in the City of Sun Prairie. The Madison Fire Department extends its deepest, sincerest condolences to this firefighter’s family, and to our brothers and sisters in Sun Prairie Fire Department. As another firefighter continues to fight for their life, we remain hopeful they make steady progress toward a full recovery.

The incident last night in Sun Prairie is a tragic reminder of the risks inherent with our job. When we report to work in the morning, we know there’s a chance we may not come home. It’s a choice we make in our quest to be there for those who need us in their most vulnerable moments, to protect the community which depends on us, and to achieve the greater good for our society.

Please hold our friends in Sun Prairie in your thoughts today. And take a moment, when you have the chance, to thank your first responders for all that they do.

Steven Davis
Fire Chief

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