Incident Type: 
Gas Leak
Monday, October 31, 2022 - 1:44am
Monday, October 31, 2022 - 1:51am
E. Geneva Circle
Madison, WI

Ladder Co. 2 responded for the report of a natural gas odor and hissing sound at a home on Geneva Circle. Upon arrival, firefighters did note a strong odor of natural gas from the street. The homeowner was waiting for firefighters outside, at a safe distance from the house.

The crew approached the home and located a significant leak coming from an exterior pipe leading to the gas meter. Firefighters shut off the gas supply and stopped the leak. They then approached the front door and held an air monitor just inside the doorway to inspect the atmosphere, finding dangerous levels of natural gas inside.

Firefighters opened the front and back doors of the home to create a flow path for air movement. A positive-pressure ventilation fan was placed outside one of the doors to begin pushing clean air into the home and natural gas out. Eventually firefighters were able to enter the home and ventilate each room.

MGE assisted with a final walk-through of the home to ensure there were no remaining pockets of natural gas inside. MGE remained on scene to repair the leak, and the occupant was able to re-enter the home.

Posted 10/31/2022 - 11:30am

Cynthia Schuster (Public Information Officer)