Incident Type: 
Excessive heat/scorch
Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 2:16pm
Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 2:20pm
6500 block Schroeder Road
Madison, WI

A small fire at a west side school was the result of an art project that didn’t go as planned. Nobody was injured in the incident.

Firefighters responded to 6510 Schroeder Road, Madison Waldorf School, for reports of smoke on the second floor. No signs of fire were seen from the outside of the building as Engine Co. 12 arrived on scene. All students and teachers were safely evacuated.

An employee approached firefighters to explain there had been a small fire but it was extinguished. Firefighters confirmed there was no fire, and Ladder Co. 7 assisted Engine Co. 12 in clearing smoke from the building.

Upon investigation, it was found that students were doing an art project involving wax in a pot on an electric burner. Heat on the burner was set to “high” and wax boiled over, starting a small fire. The pot was covered with a towel and thrown outside. Other than some spilled wax, no damage occurred and there were no injuries.

Posted 09/16/2022 - 8:05am

Cynthia Schuster (Public Information Officer)