Daily Reports

Incident Date Updated Date Incident Type Address
Eastside Cooking Fire Cooking

200 block N Thompson Dr
Madison, WI

Westside Cooking Fire Cooking

2200 block Carling Dr
Madison, WI

Outdoor Fire - Wooded Area; 3rd Response Outdoor

3600 block Ice Age Dr
Madison, WI

Outside Fire - Wooded Area Outdoor

3600 block Ice Age Trl
Madison, WI

Dumpster Fire Near Campus Smoking

400 block blk N Frances St
Madison, WI

Downtown Limousine Fire Vehicle

Wisconsin Ave/E Johnson St
Madison, WI

Westside Fire in Wooded Area Outdoor

3600 block Ice Age Dr/Snowflake Ct
Madison, WI

Dumpster Fire - Uw Campus Area Outdoor
Northside Cooking Fire Cooking

3700 block blk W Karstens Dr
Madison, WI

Westside Park Shelter Fire Outdoor

2600 block blk Waltham Rd
Madison, WI

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