Daily Reports

Incident Date Updated Date Incident Type Address
Excessive Lint Buildup Leads to Fire in Dryer Exhaust System Excessive Heat/Scorch

2000 block Northport Drive
Madison, WI

Use of Grill on Dry Grass Ignites Backyard Fire Outdoor

2200 block Catalpa Road
Madison, WI

MFD Responds to Multiple Fires Related to Fireworks on July 4 Outdoor

6900 block Watts Road
Madison, WI

Fire Totals Van, Damages Home on N. Marquette Street Vehicle

300 block N. Marquette Street
Madison, WI

Crews Stop Garage Fire Quickly Thanks to Passerby Who Reported It Structure

6600 block Sutton Road
Madison, WI

Fire Engulfs Garbage Truck on Westbound Beltline Highway, No Injuries Reported Vehicle

U.S. Highway 12 Westbound & Agriculture Drive
Madison, WI

Vehicle Crash Causes Significant Damage to Downtown Residence, Displacing Occupants Vehicle

10 block S. Blair Street
Madison, WI

Outside Fire Spreads to Home on Badger Lane, Displacing Four Outdoor

2600 block Badger Lane
Madison, WI

Dog Rescued After Getting Head Stuck in Retaining Wall Animal Rescue

7800 block Big Sky Drive
Madison, WI

Trash Compactor Fire a Result of Discarded Lithium Ion Batteries Trash/Rubbish

4400 block Robertson Road
Madison, WI

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