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Programs for Adults

Pull Over Please Program

Pull Over Please (POP) Program

POP is an educational program that educates the public on emergency vehicles and the responsibilities and laws the public drivers should be aware of. The objectives of the program include:

  • Understand the problem through pictures, real stories, and data
  • Understanding the Wisconsin State Statutes that pertain to emergency vehicles and the public
  • Inform the public on what to do when approaching or being approached by an emergency vehicle with its lights and/or sirens operating
  • Familiarize the public with a typical City of Madison Fire Department incident response

The program is offered to driver education programs at local high schools and other private organizations. However, the program is also available to any group interested in learning more about emergency vehicles and driver responsibilities. For more information on this program please contact Lori Wirth at (608) 266-5947.

Adult Fire Safety Presentations

Adult Fire Safety Presentations

All staff members of the Community Education Unit are available upon request to give adult fire safety presentations. Requests typically come from businesses, professional groups, health care facilities, and other civic organizations. Topics presented are tailored to the audience and any special requests from the organization. Depending on the group or organization, topics might include:

  • What is Fire? (Fire Tetrahedron)
  • Fire Stages
  • Four Points of Fire (Black, Gases & Smoke, Heat, Time)
  • Firefighter Role
  • Leading Causes of Fire in our Community & Prevention
  • Smoke Detectors, Alarm & Suppression Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Safety in the Workplace
  • Hotel/Motel Safety
  • Health Care Facility Safety

To schedule an adult fire safety presentation call (608) 266-4420 or contact any of the Community Education Unit Staff Members.

Older Adult Program

This program focuses on fire safety for older adults, especially those with disabilities. The focus of the program is to educate older adults about the common causes of fire in Madison, and how to prevent them. It also focuses on how to escape from a fire and what to do if you are unable to get out. This program is ideal for residential living facilities. For more information on this program contact any one of the three Community Education Unit Staff Members.