New Ladder Truck Goes Into Service with the City of Madison Fire Department

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 9:12am

The City of Madison Fire Department has added new Ladder Truck to its fleet.

The new Pierce aerial platform ladder truck features a 100-foot ladder water tower/ bucket and 1500 gallons-per-minute fire pump. The bucket gives firefighters a safe working area to perform rescues and roof ventilation operations as well as other firefighting activities. The truck also includes hand tools for firefighting such as saws, axes, nozzle appliances, vehicle extrication equipment, and ground ladders, as well as EMS equipment. The truck will be housed at Fire Station #08, on Madison’s East side.

Firefighter truck operation tasks are to save lives and protect property. Once on scene, their primary job is search and rescue. Other tasks include laddering a building for occupant rescue and firefighter access, ventilation of smoke and hot gases from the building, gaining access by forcible entry, and egress by firefighters and assisting Engine companies who extinguish the fire by pulling ceilings and walls to expose hidden fire.


  • Assistant Chief Lance Langer, 608-266-4789 or 608-347-8565

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