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#1 for Diversity

International Firefighters Study Places City of Madison #1 for Diversity

It is my happy privilege to report that the City of Madison Fire Department has received the top ranking in a study on creating a diverse workforce.

The results of an International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Diversity Initiative report titled Achieving and Retaining a Diverse Fire Service Workforce found that despite never having been under a consent decree, the City of Madison Fire Department has “an over-representation of Blacks, community representation of Hispanics, and very good representation of women. This department is ranked #1 in our sample for excellent diversity for all groups.”

CWH Research, Inc. conducted the project, which was funded by the IAFF.

In our statement of purpose, we lay out our goals in these terms:

We are an innovative, nationally recognized fire department providing a quality service to the city of Madison and surrounding areas.

We are proud of the strength and diversity of our workforce and emphasize continuous service improvement, focusing on the preservation of life, property and the environment.

We recognize the value of our employees. Using participatory management, their input is solicited to improve department decisions.

We value compassion, honesty, integrity, teamwork and inner strength. These values are in balance with the traditional focus of physical strength and courage.

The Madison Fire Department is prepared to handle all emergencies, including major disasters, that may occur in our community.
We are extremely pleased to be recognized for the strides we have made not only in creating a diverse workplace, but in truly valuing the individuals who are part of our Department.

Special thanks is due our Recruitment and Hiring Committees. They have kept their focus on the goals of the Department and done an outstanding job of conveying our message and expectations to potential applicants. It is this purposeful commitment that has led to the recognition we now celebrate.

The IAFF study is welcome affirmation that we are not simply compiling statistics, but creating a team that is a proud reflection of the community we serve.

Fire Chief