Press Release: Rain on the Way, Flooding Not Expected 

The City does not expect incoming rain to cause flooding in the next 24 hours. We expect minimal impact on lake levels.  Less than a half of an inch of rain is expected.

Lake Monona and Lake Mendota are managed by Dane County.  The City of Madison consults with Dane County on lake level management. 

Because thunderstorms are possible, locally, heavier rain may fall, but overall should not cause flooding.  Residents and visitors are encouraged to monitor the forecast for changing conditions.  Residents should avoid parking in areas of the east isthmus that are prone to flash flooding, as a precaution.

There are no road or bike path closures at this time.

Current Lake levels: Oct. 10, 2019

Lake Mendota

  • Current elevation: 852.02 feet
  • Down 0.04 feet from Oct. 9, 2019
  • 0.78 feet below the 100-year flood (which is 852.80 feet)
  • 0.72 feet below historic high (Historic High is 852.74, June 6, 2000)

Lake Monona

  • Current elevation: 847.43 feet
  • Down 0.03 feet from Oct. 9, 2019
  • 0.27 feet below 100-year flood (which is 847.7 feet)
  • 1.10 feet below the historic high (which is 848.53 feet, Sept. 6, 2018)