Posted Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019 at 10:30 am

Having a dependable source of income, the availability of benefits for you and your family, and working toward a secure retirement are all objectives that most of us share. At times, regardless of our plans and efforts, an illness or injury prevents us from obtaining the type of employment that we desire, or from performing the full range of duties of our current position.

Employees with disabilities, or those who become disabled, have legal rights at both the State and Federal level with regard to their employment.

Compliance with Federal, State and City mandates require the City of Madison to make reasonable accommodations for the known disability of a qualified individual during any employment activity. Information about the City of Madison’s accommodation policy is outlined in APM 2-22 Workplace Accommodations. Reasonable accommodation may include modifications to the work area or the tools or equipment used, job restructuring, schedule changes, or reassignment to a vacant position.

Each year, dozens of applicants are provided with accommodations during our hiring process.

Congress has designated each October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month to increase public awareness of the contributions and skills of American workers with disabilities. Here at the City of Madison approximately 11% of our workforce has some form of disabling condition, many severe, that impact their ability to perform certain job functions. Hundreds of accommodations are in place throughout our organization allowing the City to retain qualified, hard-working employees.

Please contact the Occupational Accommodations Specialist at 267-1156 if you have any questions about reasonable accommodations or if you are interested in learning more about the many partnerships that exist with employment agencies serving those with disabilities.