Free WiFi

Free Wifi

The City of Madison is also working to bridge the digital divide by providing free high-speed internet access to the public at all nine of its public library locations. Internet access is available wirelessly at these locations and citizens can also reserve time, at no cost, on one of the computers available to the public at each library location. The City of Madison has also installed fiber optic service at the following community/cultural centers and is providing free high-speed internet service to the public at no cost at these locations.

Open Information

Open Data

The City of Madison Data initiative increases the availability of City data using open standards which will make the operation of city government more transparent, effective and accountable to the public. To encourage open access to government data, the City of Madison publishes a wide range of approved City datasets and makes them available at the City of Madison Data portal.

Go to: City of Madison Data Policy

Go to: City of Madison Data Ordinance: Public Accessibility to Municipal Data Sets (3.72)



The City of Madison routinely collects data and maintains records relating to members of the public. These records are available for inspection upon request under the Wisconsin Public Records Laws. Additionally, the City often places some of this data online whereby anyone with internet access could access this data.

Find out how to get on the Opt-Out from Public Records List and the Public Records Opt-out feature to help protect the privacy of My Account users that elect to keep their information confidential. Go to: Privacy information

Metropolitan United Fiber Network (MUFN)

The Metropolitan Unified Fiber Network (MUFN)

MUFN is a collaborative metro fiber-optic network serving education, health, government, and Non-Profit-Organization anchor institutions in the Madison, Middleton, and Monona, WI area. It unifies and augments existing telecom resources to facilitate enhanced Internet, point-to-point connectivity, and application sharing. This effort improves broadband access, economic development, public safety, education, and community support programs.

Go to: MUFN website