• Mayor’s Neighborhood Roundtable 2019 Posted 10/31/2019

    Over the past 22 years, the Mayor’s Neighborhood Roundtable has been a great platform for those of us who want to learn and share ideas that motivate us to work collaboratively for a more thriving and equitable place to live. This is why I would like to invite you to attend the Mayor’s Neighborhood Roundtable, scheduled for Saturday, November 2, at the Madison Central Library from 9:00 am to noon. Read more »
  • 2020 Executive Capital Budget & Capital Improvement Plan Posted 09/03/2019

    Every budget is a statement of our values. My capital budget is rooted in my vision of how Madison can be a great city for everyone. A place where individuals and families thrive. A place where businesses start up, grow and prosper. A place where many come to study and play. Read more »
  • 100+ Days Posted 08/20/2019

    It’s been four months since I was sworn in, and honestly – it’s been a whirlwind. During this time, I’ve been focused on building a team and laying the groundwork for collaborations that will help us build a city where everyone can thrive. Read more »
  • Mental Health and Emergency Response Posted 08/06/2019

    In June, I convened a meeting of community leaders and experts on the topics of youth, mental health, race, and emergency response after a video was released of a Madison police officer's handling of a mental health call for an African-American 17-year-old in mental health crisis. Read more »
  • Madisonians Step Up! Posted 07/19/2019

    As this long day winds down, I have time to debrief, and I want to thank the many City staff and others who worked on today’s fire and resulting power outage. Madison Fire responded to calls for two very dangerous fires. They has to wait for MG&E to power down the facility before using water and foam to attack the fire in a very short amount of time. They were assisted by Madison Police and Traffic Engineering to make sure the fire areas were cordoned off and people were safe. There were no injuries as a result of either fire and for that I am thankful. Read more »
  • City of Madison Update on Downtown Power Outage Posted 07/19/2019

    The City of Madison is working to keep our community safe during this power outage. Updates will be provided as soon as information is available. Traffic Safety There are a number of intersections running on generators, and we’re working to identify which intersections are still in need. Right now, there are a number of intersections running on generators. Power is being restored in a number of areas so the situation is improving. When an intersection is dark, not flashing, those intersections should be treated as a four-way stop. Read more »

    I wanted to update you on today’s power outage, on the hottest day of the year so far. Fire units were called at 7:40 a.m.. after reports of an explosion and fire at the MG&E substation at 722 E. Main St., which sent a dark plume of smoke into the air. Read more »
  • Top of State Street Issues Can't Be Ignored Posted 07/18/2019

    Like most other cities in this nation, we here in Madison are facing complex problems at the intersection of poverty, mental health, addiction and use of public space. One place in our city where this is most visible is the area of the Capitol Square by State Street and near the Central Library. Read more »
  • Fleet Services Apprentice-Firestone Challenge Award Winner Posted 06/07/2019

    Tim Bradt, Memorial Auto Teacher Miles Tokheim, and Nathaniel Imrie One of the City’s Fleet Services’ Apprentices recently received a prestigious award and scholarship by winning the Firestone Challenge, a regional skills competition for high school automotive students sponsored by Firestone and Madison College. Read more »
  • Welcome and Congratulations to the 62nd Class of Madison Police Department Recruits Posted 05/31/2019

    The following remarks were made by Mayor Satya on May 28, 2019 as 50 new recruits were sworn in as the 62nd class of Madison Police Recruits. Welcome to the City of Madison. That’s City with a capital C – because today you begin representing City government. Thank you – for serving our City. Read more »

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