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Metro Transit Uses Surveillance Video to
Encourage Safe Use of Madison Streets

Mayor Paul Soglin and Metro Transit General Manager Chuck Kamp released a video compiled of safety-related incidents captured by bus surveillance cameras to raise awareness and encourage everyone in the community to share the streets safely.

To view Metro's entire video library, find us on YouTube.


general instructional videos

How To Ride with Metro

General riding tips and instructions.

Accessible Services

Information and demonstration of features and equipment on Metro's fixed-route and paratransit services that make it easier for everyone to ride the bus.

Riding Tips for Senior Citizens

Metro staff appeared on Madison City Channel's Senior Beat to discuss helpful riding tips and accessibility features that make it easier for senior's to use Metro services.

How to Read Your Schedule

Instructional video on how to best use Metro's System Map and Ride Guide.

Bike Racks

Instructional video on how to safely use Metro bike racks. All fixed-route buses are equipped with easy-to-use racks.


A review of Metro's official policy and instructions on traveling with strollers.


General tips and instruction on riding during heavy snow and inclement winter weather.


metro on madison's city channel

District Reports: Safe Streets Initiative

Chuck Kamp, and the 10th  District Alder Maurice Cheeks discuss the Safe Streets Initiative, Bus Rapid Transit, the City of Madison's Transportation Master Plan and more.


2014 Changes at Metro Transit

Watch Metro General Manager, Chuck Kamp, and Chair of the Transit and Parking Commission, Gary Poulson, discuss farebox upgrades, the 2014 Budget, potential sattelite locations, updates to bus stops, and other changes ocurring at Metro Transit.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Metro General Manager Chuck Kamp appears on Madison City Channel’s “District Reports” and discusses bringing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to the City of Madison.

National Transportation Trends Lending to Success of Metro Transit

Metro Transit General Manager Chuck Kamp and 13th District Alder Sue Ellingson appear on Madison City Channel's District Reports to discuss how current national transportation trends are lending to the current success of Metro Transit.

Success and Future of Transit in Madison

Mayor Paul Soglin and Metro General Manager Chuck Kamp discuss Metro's current success and how transit will look in the future.

Hybrid Technology

Metro has 21 hybrid-electric powered buses in service.


Learn more about planning your trip with Google Maps.

How to use metro fare items

31-Day Passes

How to use Metro's 31-Day Pass.

10-Ride Cards

How to use Metro's 10-Ride Cards.


How to use Metro's transfers.

1-Day Passes

How to use Metro's 1-Day Passes.

Program Passes

How to Use Metro's Commute Card, EZ Rider, and other Unlimited Ride Passes.

supplemental school service

Metro Drivers Speak Up

Metro drivers describe safe riding practices and tips.

Metro Is Not A Yellow School Bus

General instruction and safety tips on how to ride Metro's supplemental school service.

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