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Plan Extra Time In Your Commute!

During periods of heavy snow and ice, buses will likely fall behind.  Buses are slowed down by snow and surrounding traffic. Metro recommends taking an earlier trip and planning extra time for the commute.

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boarding in areas with ice and snowbanks
  • In areas covered with snow and ice, or blocked by a snowbank, please wait back on the sidewalk near a cleared driveway or corner.
  • DO NOT stand in the street or wait on top of a snowbank, as this can be slippery and unsafe.
  • When the bus approaches, be aware of side mirrors and wait until bus comes to a complete stop before boarding.
  • If your stop is in the middle of a steep hill, please walk to the closest bus stop at the bottom or the top of the hill. During slick conditions, this is the best place to safely board.


be careful when boarding
  • When the bus approaches, wave to the driver to signal him to stop.
  • Even if a snowbank is blocking access to the street, please remain on the sidewalk. Drivers will be looking for passengers waiting in safe locations.
  • Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before trying to board.
  • For added safety, the bus will stop approximately 4 feet from a snowbank or snow-covered curb. This allows passengers enough room to step into the street, then up onto the bus.
  • Melting snow and ice can make bus floors slippery. Make sure to hold handrails when boarding, walking or standing inside the bus.
  • When reaching your destination, the driver will stop at the bus stop or the nearest safe location.


  • When riding at night, hold a flashlight so that the driver can see you waiting at a stop.
  • If possible, wear reflective apparel or safety bands on your coat or other clothing.
  • Reflective clothing is always recommended for children traveling at night.
  • During poor weather, drivers maintain schedules as traffic and weather conditions safely allow. If the weather is extreme, buses can fall behind.
  • During bad weather, Metro encourages people to take an earlier trip. Arrive at bus stops at regularly scheduled times, but please be prepared for a possible wait.
  • Weather and traffic can cause delays to any individual bus at any time. Rest assured, drivers are working to reach your stop as soon as possible.

Metro runs during even the most extreme of circumstances. However, on occasion, service may be discontinued due to heavy snow and ice.

During these rare times, Metro does its best to keep buses running as long as possible so that everyone is able to get home.

stay informed
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  • Contact Metro's customer service center at (608) 266-4466.

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