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Mission: The Common Council meets in the Council Chambers to conduct the City's legislative business. The Council adopts the City budget and passes laws, policies and regulations that govern the City.


Mission: The Transit and Parking Commission shall make recommendations to the Council regarding policies on all transit and parking matters and shall be the official body which shall constitute a public utility within the meaning of Sec.66.066 & 66.068, and a transit comm. within the meaning of Sec. 66.943, State Stats., and shall function as a parking utility for the operation of the parking utility system for the city, a transit utility for the operation of the transit system for the city, and a utility capable of issuing revenue bonds for Council approval.


Madison General Ordinance Section 3.14 (4)(k) - Advisory to the Transit and Parking Commission. It is the duty of the Subcommittee to monitor compliance by Metro Transit, the City's transit utility, in providing complementary paratransit and transit service in the Metro Transit service area in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and its implementing regulations. In addition to any task assigned by the TPC, the Subcommittee shall regularly assess the provision of ADA complementary paratransit and fixed route services to persons with disabilities in the Metro Transit service area, maximizing transportation options for everyone. The Subcommittee shall identity issues and recommend policies to the TPC to address them, taking into account budget and service capacity limits, and complaints. The body has an affirmative duty to seek public input and consultation with persons with disabilities and their representatives in the Metro Transit service area. This may include but is not limited to people with vision impairments or blindness; people who do not speak; people who do not understand spoken language, social service agencies that serve people with disabilities, including residential and vocational support providers, organizations and other coalitions of self-advocates; transit travel trainers, paratransit drivers, Dane County specialized transportation oversight staff and committees.


Madison General Ordinance Section 3.51 (4)(k)3 - Consider policy matters relating to contracted for transportation service, including but not limited to service standards, performance targets, route additions, extensions or contractions, changes in schedules, fare structures, hours of service, equipment, marketing and advertising programs, and any other policy matters pertaining to the operation of contracted for transportation services, and may receive, consider, and/or make recommendations to the Transit and Parking Commission regarding requests for changes to these items. The subcommittee shall consider such additional matters and perform tasks as are referred to it by the Transit and Parking Commission or staff.

Madison Area Transportation Planning Board

The Madison Area Transportation Planning Board is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Madison Urban Area. As the MPO, it is the policy body responsible for cooperative, comprehensive regional transportation planning and decision making for the Madison Metropolitan Planning Area.

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