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Paratransit Agency Fares

Service agencies are required to purchase paratransit fare at the current established agency fare rate. Agencies are not able to purchase paratransit booklets at regular passenger rates.

Current Agency Fare: $33.75*
Fare is established from the previous year’s audited cost per ride and is adjusted to reflect the current year’s variables in service expenses.

Agency fare tickets can be purchased in packets of 4 for $135.00. A single agency fare ticket is valid for 1 paratransit ride.

Agency Definition

An agency is defined as an organization that serves persons who qualify for human service or transportation-related programs or services due to disability, income, or advanced age consistent with President’s Executive Order on Human Service Transportation Coordination (February 24, 2004).

In order expedite agreements with agencies, the Madison Transit and Parking Commission (Resolution 23070) authorized Metro to enter into standardized agreements with qualified human service agencies to purchase social service agency fare media for agency trips for their ADA complementary paratransit eligible clients at the Agency Fare..

How do I purchase an agency fare?
To purchase agency tickets, a service agency must sign a Service Agency Agreement with Metro Transit in order and set up an account.

To get started on signing this agreement and setting up an account, contact Metro Transit’s Deputy General Manager Crystal Martin at (608) 267-8780 or

To set up the agreement, an agency will need to provide its corporate name, address, and authorized person to sign.

After an agreement has been signed and an account has been established, the new agency client will be provided a direct contact in Metro’s Finance Unit to place their order.

More Information

For more information, contact Crystal Martin at (608) 267-8780 or


Metro Transit: (608) 266-4466; E-mail: