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Now in Effect

Updated routes and schedules are now in effect.

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service update details

Service Updates Include:

  • Route 2 - Increased frequency west of the Capitol Square
  • Route 10 - Expanded service to address overcrowding along University and Sheboygan avenues.
14 Schedule

15 Schedule
  • Route 18 - Updates have been made help keep the schedule on time! From 4 PM to 6 PM, trips will be scheduled every 40 minutes between the West Transfer Point and South Transfer Point.
  • Route 31 - New route serving Owl Creek, Marsh Rd. and Twin Oaks neighborhoods. Travel to LaFollette High School, Pinney Branch Library and the East Transfer Point for connections to Madison’s eastside and the downtown area.
  • Route 33 - Service completely revamped. Expanded peak-hour service east of the interstate all the way to Grandview Commons and Sprecher East neighborhoods. Get a one seat ride from these far east side neighborhoods all the way downtown.
  • Route 34 - Check your schedule. Operates hourly during AM and PM hours. Still serves MATC class times.
  • Route 35 - Expanded peak hour service into the Richmond Hills area
  • Route 39 - Check your schedule. Operates hourly during AM and PM hours.
  • Route 40 - On weekdays, offers more efficient service to the South Transfer Point from the Greenway Dr. and Coho areas. Makes up for weekday service to the Coho area previously offered on Route 18. (This change does NOT affect Route 40 schedules on weeknights, weekends, or holidays. Route 18 will also remain on Coho during these times.)

This is not a complete list of all service changes scheduled to go into effect. Updates have been made on numerous routes. Make sure to check your schedule for all trips after August 25.

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