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Now Accepting 2022 Submissions!

Poems due Friday March 15

Attention all area residents, students, transit riders and writers:

Metro Transit and Madison’s Poet Laureate invite you to send short poems, haiku, prose poems, or excerpts from longer poems, 3–15 lines total, to the 2022 Bus Lines open call for poetry. Submissions can be made in any language. Poems in a different language must include an English version in order for full consideration. Selected poems will be transformed into moving art by Edgewood College Graphic Design students. The final designs will be approved by the Edgewood College Graphic Design Professor with consultation with the Poet Laureate and Metro Transit.

Contest Theme

The theme this year is "Dream a future". What would it look like for you? How do you see it? How would we take better care of all living creatures from trees to toads, owls to bats, human to human and all that breathes or is organic matter? What does your best future look like?

Poems welcome in other languages, please provide the translation into English. Shorter poems are best for this project

Submit Online

Submissions can include up to (3) poems maximum. Entries must be no longer than 15 lines to be considered.

The 2022 submissions will all be posted online. No poems will be featured on buses this year
Marketing Item Poem Length/Max Lines
Online 3-15

Submit Poems

Entries are due on Monday, March 14.