Metro Transit is proud to announce that we are introducing a new, fresh brand identity which includes an updated logo, a modernized color-scheme for our buses and a modernized, more customer-friendly website.

Metro staff, legislators, and stakeholders have been diligently working to create a next-generation transit system in Madison, and we feel that this new brand identity better represents who we are, and more importantly, where we want to go. We want our riders, neighbors and government officials to take pride in their local transit and support our efforts to better serve the greater Madison community.

Our goal was to modernize the design while making sure our old brand identity was not lost. After all, the Metro “M” has been with us for a long time! So we kept the “M” design, but gave it the update it needed. Staff feel the new logo is also globally recognizable as a transit identifier, which is important as we welcome more and more people into our great city.

You may have noticed that our refreshed identity has already began to pop-up around town. Our new, modernized website just launched, flyers and printed materials feature our new design, and you may have seen Bus 146 picking up passengers out on the streets! To keep costs to a minimum, staff continue to softly roll-out the new look as items come up for replacement. Keep an eye out for some newly design buses and bus stop signs coming this summer and fall!

Metro staff would like to thank you for your continued support and looks forward to bringing the new brand to life.

New Branding

Metro's new color scheme

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