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Affects Routes 70 and 72

Now in Effect

Due to construction on Branch St., Routes 70 and 72 now detour.

Route 72 buses now detour from Branch St. via Allen Blvd., Maywood Ave. and Amherst Rd. (see map). Catch detoured buses at temporary stops on Amherst Rd. or Maywood Ave.

Route 70 will continue to detour via Park St., Maywood Ave. and Park Lawn Pl. (see map). UPDATE: Detoured Route 70 (Branch via) buses will now take a left onto Donna Dr. NOTE: Stop #6943 will no longer be served by buses going inbound to Madison. Passengers can catch the bus at temporary stops on Park St.

Detours will last through September and may change as construction progresses.

This detour will be updated on Tuesday, September 2 (More Info).


Route 70 Detour

Rotue 70 detour from Branch

Route 72 Detour

Branch St Update Route 72

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