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Currently In Effect
Effective: Monday, May 15, 2023
Reason for Detour: 

Broom St. Construction

Affected Routes

Due to construction on Broom St., Routes 11, 12 and 38 detour beginning Monday, May 15. See maps below.

Westbound Routes 11 and 12
To best maintain schedules, westbound buses heading into downtown will detour via John Nolen to Olin, to Park, to University. Passengers wishing to get to the Capitol area can transfer to a Route 5 or 75 at Stop #0251 on Park at Erin St. These routes travel on Park and W. Washington to the Capitol Square.

Eastbound Route 12
Eastbound Route 12 will not be able to serve several stops in the construction area. Board at a temporary stop on Doty at Bassett, or Stop #0564 on Wilson at Hamilton. *Eastbound Route 11 is NOT impacted by the construction.

Eastbound Route 38
Eastbound Route 38 will detour from Wilson St. Board at a temporary stop on Doty at Bassett. Westbound Route 38 buses remain on regular route.

Westbound Routes 11 & 12

westbound route 11 and 12 map

Eastbound Route 12

eastbound route 12 map

Eastbound Route 38

eastbound route 38 map