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Currently In Effect
Effective: Monday, May. 1, 2023 – End of June 2023
Reason for Detour: 

Bus Rapid Transit Construction

Affected Routes

Routes 2, 8 and 28 currently detour from Sheboygan, Segoe and Midvale Blvd. Beginning Monday, May 1, the detoured routes will shift from using Whitney Way to Eau Claire.

Routes 2 and 28 detour via University, Eau Claire, to Regent. Board on University or temporary stops on Eau Claire near Sheboygan.

Westbound Route 8 buses detour via Regent, Eau Claire, Sheboygan to Old Middleton. Eastbound Route 8 detours via Whitney, Old Middleton, Eau Claire to Regent.

*Please note that all stops at the Whitney Way/ Sheboygan intersection will also be closed for Routes 12 and 78. Board buses at temporary stops on Whitney at Old Middleton.


School Route W3 Hill Farms also detours due to this construction. School service buses will detour via Regent St. Board at open Metro stops on Regent.

detour map for routes 2 8 and 28