Currently In Effect
Effective: Wednesday, Mar. 8, 2023
Reason for Detour: 

Atwood Avenue

Affected Routes

Due to construction, southbound Routes 16, 31 and 38 detour from a portion of Atwood Ave. beginning Wednesday, March 8. At this time, northbound buses remain on regular route. Detours will change as the construction project continues.

Southbound Routes 16 and 31 detour via Walter, Hargrove, Dempsey, to Cottage Grove Rd. Board at Stop #7161 on Hargrove at Tulane, or Stop #7834 on Atwood at Cottage Grove Rd.

Southbound Route 38 detours via Atwood, Fair Oaks, Milwaukee to Walter. Board at Stop #1587 on Fair Oaks at Atwood, or Stop #7161 on Hargrove at Tulane.

Detour map for Routes 16 and 31Detour map for Route 31