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Read below to see what current Commute Card customers are saying about the Metro Transit unlimited ride pass program.

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"The Commuter Card has enabled me to utilize Metro Transit more frequently and easily by giving me a safe, convenient option when the weather does not allow me to bike to my place of employment located downtown. The Commute Card also eliminates the need to predict how often I will ride the bus in any given month, I no longer have to be prepared with carrying cash on hand, and it offers a significant savings. Perhaps most importantly, my partner and I have successfully downsized to a one-car household thanks to my increased awareness of the benefits of mass transit.

- Heather Boggs, Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development, Inc.

"As someone who uses the bus to get to and from work on a daily basis, I love having a Metro Commute Card. It is way more convenient than having to buy a bus pass every month, and most importantly it saves me money.

- Josh Ghena, Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development.

“We’re offering the Commute Card to our staff as one way to support our commitment to the environment. It’s a good incentive that helps all of us to be better environmental stewards. Madison Metro makes it easy to offer the Commute Card as part of our employee benefits package. Our green benefit is just one of the things that helped make us one of Madison Magazine’s 2010 Best Places to Work.”

-Crystel Anders, Executive Director, Community Shares of Wisconsin

“I really like having our ‘green benefit’ which includes the Commute Card. It’s the right thing to do environmentally, but it has other benefits too: it saves me money, saves time I’d spend finding a parking space, and helps me avoid driving on snowy roads. Plus it’s great to be able to spend time reading rather than fighting traffic.”

-Myla Burns, Membership Coordinator, Community Shares of Wisconsin

“The Metro commute card is a great way for our company to offer a benefit to employees that they appreciate and also promotes good transportation choices. It's cost-effective, easy to administer and supports our excellent transit system.”

-Mark Clear, CEO, IMS (Interactive Media Solutions)

“Our employees enjoy the convenience of taking Metro to work. Some employees use Metro all the time and others use it occasionally. Our members have told us they like that we’re supporting our employees and the environment. It works well for us and pleased Metro added it to their product offerings.”

-Dave Petit, President, Madison Credit Union

“The Metro Commute Card allows Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) to provide an additional (and affordable) company benefit, while at the same time supporting our commitment to green business practices. BIM employees use the unlimited-ride pass for travel between downtown and areas such as Cottage Grove, Stoughton and points west. Madison Metro delivers staff right to our front door, eliminating the stress and expense of downtown parking.”

-Karen Zimny, Sr. Vice President HR/Finance, Broadcast Interactive Media

“When the Madison Metro Commute Card program was made available to small businesses, I responded immediately to the news. Our downtown restaurant's location can make everyday car use an expensive option to our employees--the opportunity to save money and reduce car use is a win-win. Having my Commute Card in my pocket is a guarantee that I can get to work and back every day, without needing cash, and without having to remember to buy 10-ride or monthly passes. It's reassuring and so very convenient.”

-Tanya Graham, Office Manager, L'Etoile

Thank you for enabling my small company to have access to these Commute cards. They make it so easy for all of us to use Metro, as well as simple for our payroll system to make these expenditures pre-tax.

-Nick Glass, Teaching Books

"I love my Commute Card. I've been riding the bus to work for 17 years and this card makes it easier for me to ride than the 10-ride cards because I don't have to go buy new ones every week or two. As an employer, I like offering our employees a way to save money and help the planet. Great program! Thanks."

-Dan Perreth, WESLI (Wisconsin English Second Language Institute)

"I really like not having to purchase cards every week or two. When was the last time someone took something off your to-do list? The convenience of direct billing is fantastic. Finally, something that's supposed to be convenient that actually is. "

- Nathan Brelsford, WESLI (Wisconsin English Second Language Institute)

“Being based downtown, our company has benefited greatly from the Commute Card. We have issued one to each employee, and everyone likes the simplicity of the card, not having to worry about parking, and the money we save on commuting by using public transportation. The Commute Card is definitely encouraging more use of Madison Metro, thereby reducing the amount of cars on the road each day."

-Justin Bomberg, Owner, Story Me This, Inc.

“This has been a great convenience for me…not to mention it’s made my commute more affordable than ever. Thanks for offering these sorts of programs!!”
-Bill Schutten, Residential Renewable Energy Channel Coordinator, Focus on Energy

“The Metro Commute Card simplifies bus transportation for RENEW Wisconsin employees. The card eliminates the wasted time and effort to run out to a downtown sales outlet to purchase ten-ride passes.”

-Ed Blume, Communications/Outreach, RENEW Wisconsin

“As a Downtown organization we understand the important role that public transportation plays in a healthy downtown. Downtown Madison, Inc. is excited to participate in the Metro Commute Card program and to support public transit. With bike commuters on staff we appreciate the built in back up plan that our Metro Commute Card provides. Because of our Commute Cards, we can count on Madison Metro to take us (and our bikes) home safely in the event of inclement weather. An economically healthy and sustainable downtown relies on well managed public transit options and Madison Metro and their Commute Card program provides us with exactly that.”

- Susan Schmitz, President, Downtown Madison, Inc.

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