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Arrive at least 5 minutes early to your stop!

Check for your route number on the bus stop sign.

Make sure your stop is the appropriate one for the direction the bus is traveling, especially on the Capitol Square.

Wave to the driver when you see your bus approaching.

Wait at sign Wait at Sign!

Bus stop is past the intersection - wait at sign!
Wait at corner Wait at Corner!

Bus stop is before the intersection - wait at corner.

(The back of these signs direct you to board at corner.)
Wait at sign Wait at Sign!

Bus stop is in the middle of the block - wait at sign.
Destination signs
Check the destination sign above the bus's windshield before you board.

The destination sign will indicate the route number and destination of a bus.

Use the touch strip or pull cord to signal your driver one block in advance of your destination.

Listen for automatic bus stop annoucements or ask your driver to assist you in unfamiliar areas.

Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Please exit through the rear door. Push the door open when the light above the rear door is lit.
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