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Metro's four Transfer Points and the Capitol Square are places where you can make connections in all directions.

Metro serves residential neighborhoods, the Isthmus, schools and universities, parks, places of business, shopping districts and entertainment venues in the Madison area.

Use the system map to locate the route closest to your origin and destination point.

You may find that you'll need to ride more than one route to reach your destination; in that case, you'll need to make a transfer.

If more than one route is needed to complete the trip, find the transfer point where both routes meet for your connecting information.

TRANSFERS - Valid for 2 Hours
Make Sure to Ask Your Driver for Transfer When You Board!

  • Transfers are issued at time of boarding with cash payment or use of 10-Ride Cards.
  • Dispensed directly from the fare box unit.
  • Printed with activation date/time and expiration date/time.
  • Slide through the magnetic "pass reader" when boarding.

Watch "How Transfers Work"
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