picture of a womanThe success of the project depends solely on the participation of the community.

Community input will be organized into three phases. Each phase will have engagement opportunities like informational meetings, surveys, focus groups, etc.

Phases include:

Phase One: Key Choices, Values and Priorities
Phase Two: Transit Network Alternatives
Phase Three: Draft Transit Network Plan

public information meetings

Public Meeting - Ridership vs. Coverage

A public meeting was help on September 23, 2021 to discuss the Ridership and Coverage alternative transit networks.


Phase One - Community Kick-Off Meeting
March 3, 2021

Review materials presented at our first community meeting.


Public Participation

The primary objective of the engagement process (Education and Outreach) is to engage the community with the big picture trade-offs around transit and seek public input around values and priorities. The process is strategically designed to facilitate constructive engagement among a diversity of Madison stakeholders. The engagement process will utilize broad public outreach methods and  targeted engagement techniques such as surveys, meetings, workshops, tabling at events and focus groups.

Focus groups will help the City gather input from a diversity of community members in a smaller, informal forum. Focus groups will be convened through community organizations, business and civic associations, neighborhood associations, and other groups who would like to provide their input into the redesign plan.  

If you are interested in hosting a focus group, please send an email to MetroRedesign@cityofmadison.com.

Full Public Participation Plan


Get Involved

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