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Closed Stops

The following stops will be closed/removed as part of Metro’s June 2023 redesign.

A number of these stops have already been closed due to service reductions that occurred during Covid-19.

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Stop ID Direction Stop Name
2488 SB 505 Science Dr
2169 NB 505 Science Drive
7912 SB Acewood at Agate
7943 NB Acewood at Agate
7176 SB Acewood at Cottage Grove
7925 NB Acewood at Cottage Grove
7369 NB Acewood at Goldfinch
7898 SB Acewood at Goldfinch
7181 NB Acewood at Leo
7282 SB Acewood at Leo
7313 NB Acewood at Martha
7836 SB Acewood at Martha
7140 SB Acewood at Onyx
7969 NB Acewood at Onyx
7156 SB Acewood at Starker
7843 NB Advance at Pflaum
3224 SB Agriculture at Femrite
3462 EB Agriculture at Tradewinds
2559 NB Allen at Chamberlain
2678 SB Allen at Chamberlain
2640 SB Allen at Commonwealth
2969 NB Allen at Commonwealth
2306 SB Allen at Regent
2855 NB Allen at Regent
2517 NB Allen at Rowley
2239 NB Allen at University
2880 SB Allen at University
4849 NB Allied at Jenewein
4806 SB Allied at Lovell
4158 SB Allied at Thurston
4663 NB Allied at Thurston
9262 SB American at American Family
9595 EB American at American Family
9630 SB American at Buttonwood
9333 NB American at Eastpark
9196 SB American at F I Headquarters
9327 NB American at F I Headquarters
9803 NB American at Tancho
9684 WB American Family at American
9900 SB American Family at F I Building
7437 NB Amnicon at Aztalan
7944 SB Amnicon at Aztalan
7560 SB Amnicon at Cottage Grove
7811 NB Amnicon at Cottage Grove
9259 EB Anderson at Hoffman
9724 WB Anderson at Hoffman
9666 NB Anderson at Pankratz
9847 SB Anderson at Pankratz
9383 EB Anderson at Pearson
9532 WB Anderson at Pearson
9144 EB Anniversary at Forest Run
9198 EB Anniversary at Hayes
7243 NB Atlas at Argosy
7751 NB Atlas at Cottage Grove
7527 NB Atlas at Neptune
1907 EB Atwood at Oakridge
0047 NB Babcock at Linden
3105 NB Badger at Nob Hill
3550 SB Badger at Nob Hill
3811 EB Badger at Rimrock
1936 EB Baldwin at Sherman
0433 EB Beld at Gilson
4102 WB Beltline N at Cannonball
4516 WB Beltline N at Damon
4144 WB Beltline N at Todd
4351 EB Beltline S at Cannonball
4728 WB Beltline S at Cannonball
4412 WB Beltline S at Grandview
4776 WB Beltline S at River Bend
4873 EB Beltline S at River Bend
4685 EB Beltline S at Seminole
4782 WB Beltline S at Todd
4841 EB Beltline S at Todd
9829 NB Biltmore at Buttonwood
3592 WB Brandenburg at Freese
0751 NB Breese at Hoyt
0349 NB Breese at Regent
0916 SB Breese at Regent
4909 EB Britta at Verona E
8319 NB Brookwood at Hammersley
8932 SB Brookwood at Piping Rock
7152 NB Buckeye at Davies
7131 SB Buckeye at Monona
7388 WB Buckeye at Monona
5107 EB Burning Wood at Arapahoe
1870 SB Butler at Main
9744 WB Buttonwood at American Family
2259 EB Capital at Baker
2355 EB Capital at Old Middleton
2165 EB Capital at University
4980 WB Carling at Allied
8259 EB Carnwood at Maple Grove
8388 WB Carnwood at Maple Grove
8461 EB Carnwood at Mckenna
8351 EB Carnwood at Muir Field
1324 SB Carroll at Mifflin
9799 NB City View at Burke
9826 SB City View at Burke
9241 NB City View at Crossroads
9131 EB City View at High Crossing
9498 SB City View at Wall
9957 NB City View at Wall
4426 SB Coho at Beltline S
4787 NB Coho at Beltline S
6197 EB Colony at Gammon
5295 NB Comanche at Wheeler
5540 SB Comanche at Wheeler
1117 EB Commercial at Kedzie
1852 WB Commercial at Kedzie
1326 WB Commercial at North Lawn
1605 EB Commercial at North Lawn
1115 EB Commercial at Oak
9740 WB Commercial N at Fair Oaks
9361 EB Commercial S at Fair Oaks
2173 NB Commonwealth at Gregory
2710 SB Commonwealth at Gregory
2503 NB Commonwealth at Leonard
2624 SB Commonwealth at Leonard
2279 NB Commonwealth at Monroe
2135 NB Commonwealth at Rugby
2180 SB Commonwealth at Rugby
9975 NB Continental at Washington
7100 EB Corporate at East Transfer
4141 EB Crawford at Helene
4700 WB Crawford at Helene
4121 EB Crawford at Whenona
4986 WB Crawford at Whenona
4847 EB Crescent at Allied
4990 WB Crescent at Allied
9539 WB Crossroads at City View
9118 EB Crossroads at High Crossing
9349 NB Crossroads at Park Bank
9412 SB Crossroads at Park Bank
9615 NB Crossroads at Wall
9720 SB Crossroads at Wall
7121 NB Crystal at Diamond
7184 SB Crystal at Diamond
1174 WB Dayton at State
6633 NB Deming at Blackhawk
6660 SB Deming at Blackhawk
6427 NB Deming at Excelsior
6402 WB Deming at Gialamas
6585 WB Deming at Gialamas
6218 SB Deming at John Deere
6511 NB Deming at John Deere
7446 WB Dennett at Dempsey
7466 WB Dennett at Ring
7767 EB Dennett at Ring
1126 SB Division at Eastwood
1784 SB Division at Oakridge
1995 NB Division at Oakridge
7128 WB Dominion at Galileo
7377 EB Dominion at Galileo
7628 WB Dominion at Sprecher
7163 EB Dominion at Traveler
7814 WB Dominion at Traveler
6449 WB D'Onofrio at High Point
6121 NB D'Onofrio at Mineral Point
6440 SB D'Onofrio at Mineral Point
6783 WB D'Onofrio at West Towne
6848 SB D'Onofrio at West Towne
1189 EB Doty at Pinckney
6164 WB Driveway at Prairie Towne
6661 EB Driveway at Prairie Towne
3721 EB Dutch Mill at Ellestad
3195 EB Dutch Mill at Park And Ride
9207 EB Dwight at Independence
9677 EB East Towne at Eagan
9422 WB East Towne at Independence
9783 EB East Towne at Independence
9348 SB East Towne at Springs
9351 NB East Towne at Springs
9391 EB East Towne at Zeier
9928 WB East Towne at Zeier
9932 EB Eastpark at Broadview
9147 EB Eastpark at Park And Ride
2121 NB Eau Claire at Regent
6165 NB Excelsior at Associated Bank
6796 SB Excelsior at Associated Bank
6149 SB Excelsior at Fourier
6490 SB Excelsior at Old Sauk
6527 NB Excelsior at Old Sauk
1587 EB Fair Oaks at Atwood
1353 EB Fair Oaks at Capital City
1640 WB Fair Oaks at Capital City
1420 SB Fair Oaks at Chicago
1873 NB Fair Oaks at Chicago
9203 NB Fair Oaks at Commercial N
9288 SB Fair Oaks at Commercial N
9693 NB Fair Oaks at Lexington
9802 SB Fair Oaks at Lexington
1555 NB Fair Oaks at Milwaukee
1984 WB Fair Oaks at Milwaukee
9111 NB Fair Oaks at Washington
9564 SB Fair Oaks at Washington
1146 SB Fairchild at Washington
3299 EB Femrite at Dutch Mill
1624 SB First at Johnson
1125 NB First at Main
1372 SB First at Main
1849 WB First at Washington
0170 SB Fish Hatchery at Catalpa
0530 SB Fish Hatchery at Cedar
4790 SB Fish Hatchery at Greenway
0146 SB Fish Hatchery at Midland
0266 SB Fish Hatchery at Park
0643 NB Fisher at Bram
0171 NB Fisher at Dane
9857 NB Forest Run at Anniversary
9211 NB Forest Run at Forest Ridge
9480 SB Forest Run at Forest Ridge
9842 WB Forest Run at Hayes
9977 EB Forest Run at Hayes
0969 NB Frances at Johnson
3311 NB Freese at Siggelkow
6480 SB Gammon at Colony
6501 NB Gammon at Tree
8733 NB Gammon at Watts
6631 EB Ganser at D'Onofrio
6926 SB Ganser at Mineral Point
6751 EB Gialamas at Greenway
8742 SB Gilbert at Gilbert
0110 WB Gilson at Beld
0570 SB Gilson at Cedar
0821 NB Gilson at Cedar
0357 NB Gilson at Olin
0694 SB Gilson at Olin
4360 SB Grandview at Beltline S
4466 SB Grandview at Kingston
4914 SB Grandview at Sandwood
4131 EB Greenway at Applegate
4955 EB Greenway at Fish Hatchery
1404 SB Hamilton at Gorham
1966 SB Hamilton at Johnson
8614 WB Hammersley at Brookwood
8915 EB Hammersley at Frisch
8940 WB Hammersley at Frisch
8604 WB Hammersley at Gilbert
8827 EB Hammersley at Gilbert
8594 WB Hammersley at Lewon
8721 EB Hammersley at Lewon
8471 EB Hammersley at Mckenna
8191 EB Hammersley at Prairie
8738 WB Hammersley at Prairie
8207 EB Hammersley at Rae
8154 WB Hammersley at Reetz
8628 WB Hammersley at Saalsaa
8839 EB Hammersley at Saalsaa
8661 EB Hammersley at Whitcomb
8770 WB Hammersley at Whitcomb
8857 EB Hammersley at Whitney
7161 EB Hargrove at Tulane
7926 WB Hargrove at Tulane
8170 SB Hathaway at Greenwich
8491 NB Hathaway at Greenwich
8236 SB Hathaway at Schroeder
9186 NB Hayes at Dawn
9396 WB Hayes at Morningside
2500 WB Heather at Hilldale Mall
2501 EB Heather at Hilldale Mall
4085 NB Helene at Britta
4582 SB Helene at Britta
7199 EB Helgesen at Advance
7662 WB Helgesen at Advance
7277 EB Helgesen at Stoughton E
9264 SB High Crossing at Crossroads
6338 WB High Point at Big Sky
6767 SB High Point at Big Sky
6827 NB High Point at D'Onofrio
6596 WB High Point at Mineral Point
6120 NB High Point at Old Sauk
3793 NB Hoboken at Broadway
9741 EB Hoepker at Merchant
5100 SB Huxley at North Transfer
9226 SB Independence at East Towne
3351 EB Industrial at Royal
3538 WB Industrial at Royal
6435 SB Inner at Colony
6874 NB Inner at Colony
6323 EB Inner at Gettysburg
6752 WB Inner at Gettysburg
6148 WB Inner at Yellowstone
6459 EB Inner at Yellowstone
9488 SB International at 2901
9729 EB International at 2901
9493 NB International at American
9790 SB International at American
9107 EB International at Anderson
9562 WB International at Anderson
9168 SB International at Darwin
9381 EB International at Packers
7830 SB Inwood at Open Wood
7907 NB Inwood at Open Wood
6858 SB Island at Mineral Point
6997 NB Island at Mineral Point
0650 EB John Nolen at Rimrock
1468 WB King at Wilson
1737 EB King at Wilson
7919 NB Kings Mill at Buckeye
0819 EB Koster at Ardmore
0871 EB Koster at Bram
0926 SB Lake at University
3196 WB Lake Point at Bridge
3323 EB Lake Point at Bridge
3216 WB Lake Point at Hoboken
3419 EB Lake Point at Hoboken
3100 WB Lake Point at Weber
3101 EB Lake Point at Weber
7416 EB Langley at Cottontail
7558 SB Langley at Dell
9220 WB Lien at Eagan
9231 EB Lien at Parkside
9524 WB Lien at Parkside
9192 WB Lien at Thierer
9849 EB Lien at Thierer
9685 EB Lien at Washington
5306 WB Londonderry at Dryden
5356 WB Londonderry at Packers
1823 EB Main at Pinckney
8163 NB Manchester at Hartford
8375 NB Manchester at Mckee
8644 SB Manchester at Mckee
8580 SB Manchester at Thornebury
8747 NB Manchester at Thornebury
8137 EB Manchester at Westin
8306 WB Manchester at Westin
5473 EB Manitowish at Burning Wood
5214 SB Manitowish at Comanche
3952 SB Marsh at Calico
3758 SB Marsh at Kipp
3620 SB Marsh at Voges
3740 SB Marsh at Yesterday
6239 EB Masthead at Island
6564 WB Masthead at Island
8739 NB Mckenna at Carnwood
8194 SB Mckenna at Lancaster
8855 EB Mckenna at Lancaster
8985 NB Mckenna at Pilgrim
9000 NB Mckenna at Pilgrim
8441 EB Mckenna at Yorktown
8818 WB Mckenna at Yorktown
9545 EB Melody at Independence
9313 EB Melody at Portage
9463 EB Melody at Stuart
5126 WB Menomonie at Chinook
5628 WB Menomonie at Comanche
7154 SB Merryturn at Kevins
7733 NB Merryturn at Kevins
7365 NB Merryturn at Queensbridge
7590 SB Merryturn at Queensbridge
7214 SB Merryturn at Retana
7447 NB Merryturn at Retana
7699 NB Merryturn at Spicebush
7762 SB Merryturn at Spicebush
7230 SB Merryturn at Sudbury
7723 NB Merryturn at Sudbury
4342 SB Midvale at Cherokee
4551 NB Midvale at Cherokee
2741 NB Midvale at Heather
2362 SB Midvale at Hilldale Row
4355 NB Midvale at Nakoma
2634 SB Midvale at Odana
2194 SB Midvale at Regent
2337 NB Midvale at Regent
2812 SB Midvale at University
4176 SB Midvale at Yuma
4865 NB Midvale at Yuma
1310 WB Mifflin at Carroll
0104 SB Mills at Dayton
0837 NB Mills at Dayton
0731 NB Mills at Regent
0392 SB Mills at Spring
0445 NB Mills at Spring
0256 SB Mills at University
0773 NB Mills at University
6941 EB Mineral Point at Island
2638 WB Mineral Point at Midvale
2472 WB Mineral Point at Robin
2975 EB Mineral Point at Robin
2647 EB Mineral Point at Segoe
1872 SB MLK at City-County Building
4340 WB Mohawk at Danbury
4743 EB Mohawk at Danbury
4851 EB Mohawk at Nakoma
4149 EB Mohawk at Seminole
4770 WB Mohawk at Seminole
4916 WB Mohawk at Whenona
4927 EB Mohawk at Whenona
6300 WB Nautilus at Offshore
3241 EB Nob Hill at E A Bldg
3564 WB Nob Hill at E A Bldg
7258 WB North Star at Copernicus
7443 EB North Star at Copernicus
7531 NB North Star at Dominion
7940 SB North Star at Dominion
7526 WB North Star at Orion
7931 EB North Star at Orion
7415 NB North Star at Sharpsburg
7778 SB North Star at Sharpsburg
5607 EB Northland at Delaware
5797 EB Northland at Judy
5105 EB Northland at Mandrake
5482 WB Northport at Barby
5520 WB Northport at Goodland
5138 WB Northport at Northside Town
5414 WB Northport at Troy
1973 NB Oak at Commercial
1774 SB Oak at Washington
1777 NB Oak at Washington
1457 EB Oakridge at Evergreen
1998 WB Oakridge at Evergreen
1386 WB Oakridge at Maple
1519 EB Oakridge at Maple
1191 EB Oakridge at Miller
1484 WB Oakridge at Miller
2119 EB Odana at Charles
2786 WB Odana at Charles
2253 EB Odana at Dearholt
2302 WB Odana at Dearholt
2224 WB Odana at Hilltop
2729 EB Odana at Hilltop
2872 WB Odana at Midvale
2801 EB Odana at Segoe
2946 WB Odana at Segoe
2597 EB Odana at Wedgewood
2732 WB Odana at Wedgewood
2379 EB Odana at Whitney
6447 EB Offshore at Nautilus
6244 WB Offshore at Yellowstone
6351 EB Offshore at Yellowstone
2513 EB Old Middleton at Eau Claire
2902 WB Old Middleton at Eau Claire
2235 NB Old Middleton at Highlands
2345 NB Old Middleton at Highlands
2391 NB Old Middleton at Norman
2747 NB Old Middleton at Old Sauk
6173 EB Old Sauk at Excelsior
6474 WB Old Sauk at Excelsior
6588 WB Old Sauk at High Point
0424 WB Olin at Colby
0602 WB Olin at Gilson
0192 WB Olin at Hickory
0674 WB Olin at John Nolen
0346 WB Olin at Lake
0522 WB Olin at Quann
1278 SB Packers at Commercial
8200 WB Pilgrim at Mckenna
8551 EB Pilgrim at Pilgrim
8654 WB Pilgrim at Pilgrim
8308 WB Pilgrim at Prairie
8149 EB Pilgrim at Sara
8304 WB Pilgrim at Sara
1495 NB Pinckney at Mifflin
8548 WB Piping Rock at Brookwood
8960 SB Piping Rock at Hathaway
9282 SB Portage at Derek
9834 WB Portage at Hayes
9494 SB Portage at Rieder
9154 WB Portage at Tomscot
9132 WB Portage at Village
4268 WB Post at Latham
4945 EB Post at Todd
4322 WB Post at Watford
8664 SB Prairie at Hammersley
8253 NB Prairie at Jacobs
8956 SB Prairie at Jacobs
8919 NB Prairie at Lomax
8944 SB Prairie at Lomax
8592 WB Prairie at Maple Valley
8849 EB Prairie at Maple Valley
8829 NB Prairie at Pilgrim
8157 NB Prairie at Pioneer
8606 SB Prairie at Pioneer
8239 NB Prairie at Raymond
8826 SB Prairie at Raymond
8230 WB Prairie at Waterford
8617 EB Prairie at Waterford
6868 WB Q Hammons at H C Bldg
0245 NB Randall at Engineering
6277 NB Randolph at Tree
6450 SB Randolph at Tree
6130 SB Randolph at Westward
6253 NB Randolph at Westward
8478 EB Rayovac at Exact
8931 WB Rayovac at Exact
8145 NB Rayovac at Schroeder
2138 WB Regent at Eau Claire
2477 EB Regent at Eau Claire
2196 WB Regent at Glen
2639 EB Regent at Glen
2153 EB Regent at Kenosha
2228 WB Regent at Kenosha
0608 WB Regent at Park
2515 EB Regent at Rennebohm
2796 WB Regent at Rennebohm
2183 EB Regent at Rock
2278 WB Regent at Rock
2109 EB Regent at Rosa
2840 WB Regent at Segoe
2201 EB Regent at Whitney
2366 WB Regent at Whitney
1260 SB Rogers at Rutledge
2400 SB Rosa at Driftwood
2603 NB Rosa at Driftwood
2385 NB Rosa at Marconi
2944 SB Rosa at Marconi
2535 NB Rosa at Mineral Point
2567 NB Rosa at Old Middleton
2824 WB Rosa at Old Middleton
2351 NB Rosa at Regent
2738 SB Rosa at Regent
2162 SB Rosa at Stadium
2449 NB Rosa at Stadium
1410 WB Roth at Ruskin
0150 SB Rusk at Nygard
0294 SB Rusk at Rusk
1448 WB Rutledge at Rogers
1256 SB Rutledge at Walton
1695 NB Rutledge at Walton
6615 EB Sawmill at Gammon
6854 WB Sawmill at Gammon
6780 WB Sawmill at Ramsgate
6817 EB Sawmill at Ramsgate
6309 EB Sawmill at Westfield
6910 WB Sawmill at Westfield
5173 NB School at Fulton
5620 SB School at Fulton
5127 NB School at Havey
5814 SB School at Havey
5370 SB School at Northland
5625 NB School at Northland
5765 NB School at Northport
2701 NB Science at Science
2982 SB Science at Science
2344 WB Science at W Health
2625 EB Science at W Health
2115 EB Science at Whitney
2199 NB Segoe at Heather
2752 SB Segoe at Heather
2219 NB Segoe at Regent
4830 SB Seminole at Doncaster
4929 NB Seminole at Doncaster
7465 EB Severn at Thompson
7624 WB Severn at Thompson
5816 SB Sherman at Delaware
1296 SB Sherman at Mcguire
5741 NB Sherman at Northport
1838 SB Sherman at Sherman
5236 SB Sherman at Tennyson
1354 SB Sherman at Thornton
5444 SB Sherman at Wheeler
1762 SB Sixth at Washington
3235 SB Ski at Novation
3371 NB Ski at Novation
1304 WB Spaight at Dickinson
1813 EB Spaight at Dickinson
7752 SB Sprecher at Dominion
0750 WB Spring at Park
9310 SB Springs at Cracker Barrel
9140 EB Springs at High Crossing
9620 WB Springs at Plumbers 75
7180 WB Starker at Acewood
7188 WB Starker at Angel Crest
7343 EB Starker at Angel Crest
7601 EB Starker at Vondron
7766 WB Starker at Vondron
7513 EB Starker at Woodvale
7916 WB Starker at Woodvale
1558 WB State at Dayton
0506 WB State at Frances
0505 EB State at Gilman
0688 WB State at Gilman
0549 EB State at Gorham
0803 EB State at Johnson
0898 WB State at Johnson
0265 EB State at Lake
4415 EB Stewart at Latham
7168 WB Stoughton E at Dean East
7645 EB Stoughton E at Dean East
7489 NB Stoughton E at Helgesen
7384 SB Stoughton W at Pflaum
7807 NB Stoughton W at Pflaum
7802 SB Stoughton W at Tompkins
8650 SB Struck at Watts
9811 NB Swanton at Easley
9880 SB Swanton at Easley
9167 NB Swanton at Milwaukee
9174 SB Swanton at Milwaukee
9652 WB Swanton at Thompson
9113 EB Terrace at 5117
9527 SB Terrace at Eastpark
9581 NB Terrace at Herzing
9901 NB Terrace at W Health
7680 SB Thompson at 1306
7151 NB Thompson at 1309
7255 NB Thompson at Buckeye
7792 SB Thompson at Buckeye
7117 NB Thompson at Droster
7906 SB Thompson at Droster
7550 WB Thompson at Forge
7895 EB Thompson at Forge
7507 NB Thompson at Grafton
7840 SB Thompson at Grafton
9181 EB Thompson at Kurt
9234 WB Thompson at Kurt
9323 EB Thompson at Meadows
9604 WB Thompson at Meadows
7310 SB Thompson at Milwaukee
9785 NB Thompson at Milwaukee
7325 NB Thompson at Rustic Wood
7760 SB Thompson at Rustic Wood
9277 NB Thompson at Swanton
9568 SB Thompson at Swanton
7661 EB Thompson at Vondron
2248 SB Toepfer at Birch
2435 NB Toepfer at Meyer
2874 SB Toepfer at Mineral Point
2174 SB Toepfer at Saint Clair
2387 NB Toepfer at Saint Clair
2316 SB Toepfer at Tokay
2889 NB Toepfer at Tokay
2233 EB Tokay at Chatham
2336 WB Tokay at Chatham
2390 WB Tokay at Frederick
2431 EB Tokay at Frederick
2111 EB Tokay at Midvale
6265 NB Tokay at Odana
6296 WB Tokay at W Research Park
6423 NB Tokay at W Research Park
6100 WB Tokay at West Transfer
7272 WB Tompkins at Alder
7917 EB Tompkins at Alder
7653 EB Tompkins at Groveland
7758 WB Tompkins at Groveland
7260 WB Tompkins at Herro
7903 EB Tompkins at Herro
7287 EB Tompkins at Maher
7494 WB Tompkins at Maher
7525 EB Tompkins at Stoughton W
6787 NB Towne Ring at Chilis
9800 NB Towne Ring at Towne Mall
6681 EB Tree at High Point
6499 EB Tree at Westfield
2370 WB University at Segoe
2465 EB University at University Bay
2359 EB University at Whitney
2601 NB University Row at University
3487 NB Valor at Eagles Perch
3799 NB Valor at Meinders
3273 WB Valor at Star Spangled
3645 NB Valor at Valor
4714 WB Verona E at Red Arrow
7987 NB Vondron at A T C P Bldg
7213 NB Vondron at Buckeye
7764 SB Vondron at Buckeye
7822 SB Vondron at Dolores
7861 NB Vondron at Dolores
7583 NB Vondron at Mustang
7223 NB Vondron at Thompson
1214 WB Washington at Blair
0113 EB Washington at Brittingham
0770 WB Washington at Brittingham
1790 WB Washington at Fairchild
0633 EB Washington at Park
0225 EB Washington at Park View
0516 WB Washington at Regent
9133 EB Washington at Reindahl
9344 WB Washington at Reindahl
9225 EB Washington at Schmedeman
9750 WB Washington at Schmedeman
9897 EB Washington at Wright
9161 NB Washington N at Springs
8751 EB Waterford at Manchester
4712 SB Watford at Stewart
8313 EB Watts at Struck
8582 WB Watts at Struck
8409 EB Watts at Woodmans
1135 NB Webster at Mifflin
6281 EB West Towne at D'Onofrio
6533 EB West Towne at Kohls
NB Westfield at Mineral Point
6327 NB Westfield at Old Sauk
6466 SB Westfield at Old Sauk
8845 EB Westin at Maple Grove
5349 EB Wheeler at Comanche
5299 EB Wheeler at Delaware
5702 WB Wheeler at Delaware
5347 EB Wheeler at Golf View
5845 EB Wheeler at Ilene
5725 EB Wheeler at Wheeler
4122 SB Whenona at Beltline S
4957 NB Whenona at Beltline S
4643 NB Whitney at Kroncke
4654 SB Whitney at Kroncke
2383 NB Whitney at Medical
8428 SB Whitney at Raymond
2225 NB Whitney at Sheboygan
2630 SB Whitney at Sheboygan
2324 SB Whitney at Westgate
1480 WB Williamson at Blount
0313 EB Wilson at Bassett
0248 WB Wilson at Carroll
1839 EB Wilson at Franklin
1499 NB Winnebago at Atwood
1343 NB Winnebago at Fourth
1538 SB Winnebago at Fourth
1202 SB Winnebago at Lafollette
1659 NB Winnebago at Lafollette
1262 SB Winnebago at Linden
1575 NB Winnebago at Linden
7815 EB World Dairy at Dairy
9917 WB Zeier at Global Market
9863 NB Zeier at Springs
Stop ID # Direction Street Location
4436 WB Brendan at Chapel Valley
4701 EB Brendan at Chapel Valley
4999 EB Brendan at Mickelson
5000 EB Brendan at Mickelson
4218 SB Carling at Verona E
4197 NB Chapel Valley at Mckee
4522 SB Chapel Valley at Mckee
4282 WB Cheryl at Fish Hatchery
4769 EB Crescent at Red Arrow
4856 WB Crescent at Red Arrow
4821 NB Fish Hatchery at Cheryl
4936 SB Fish Hatchery at Cheryl
4625 NB Fish Hatchery at Lacy
4902 WB Fish Hatchery at Mckee
4862 SB Fish Hatchery at Mickelson
4138 WB Hardrock at Limestone
4641 EB Hardrock at Limestone
4711 NB Hardrock at Mckee
4822 SB Hardrock at Mckee
4182 WB High Ridge at Cahill
4993 NB King James at Anton
4151 EB King James at King James
4450 WB King James at King James
4258 SB King James at Williamsburg
4589 NB King James at Williamsburg
4573 EB Lovell at Chalet Gardens
4963 EB  Mckee at Chapel Valley
4485 EB Mckee at Fitchrona
4995 EB Mckee at Kapec
4260 WB Mckee at Kapec
4935 EB  Mckee at Osmundsen
4476 WB  Mckee at Osmundsen
4241 EB  Mckee at Richardson
4592 WB  Mckee at Richardson
4337 EB  Mckee at Seminole
4842 WB  Mckee at Seminole
4301 NB Mickelson at Brendan
4395 EB Mickelson at Fish Hatchery
4824 WB Mickelson at Fish Hatchery
4163 NB Mickelson at Walkway
4660 SB Mickelson at Walkway
4953 EB Post at Coho
4910 WB Post at Index
4191 NB Red Arrow at Jenewein
4202 SB Red Arrow at Jenewein
4333 NB Red Arrow at Pawnee
4580 SB Red Arrow at Pawnee
4550 SB Research Park at Cheryl
4766 SB Research Park at Lacy
4788 SB Royal Wulff at High Ridge
4171 NB Whitney at Williamsburg
4972 WB Williamsburg at Whitney
Stop ID Direction  Stop Name
6232 WB Airport at Deming
6369 EB Airport at Deming
6553 EB Airport at Nursery
6922 WB Airport at Nursery
6359 EB Century at Laura
6704 WB Century at Laura
6264 WB Century at Parmenter
6924 SB Deming at Discovery
6240 WB Deming at Market
6231 EB Deming at Murphy
6111 NB Deming at Park Bank
6470 SB Deming at Park Bank
6673 EB Discovery at Deming
6363 EB Discovery at Parmenter
6798 WB Discovery at Parmenter
6526 WB Donna at Century
6943 EB Donna at Century
6157 EB Donna at Northbrook
6372 WB Donna at Northbrook
6484 WB Donna at Park
6989 EB Donna at Park
6853 EB Donna at Parmenter
6109 EB Fortune at Sweeney
6364 WB Fortune at Sweeney
6458 WB Franklin at Bristol
6927 EB Franklin at Bristol
6421 EB Franklin at Parmenter
6750 NB Gialamas at Deming
6354 WB Greenway at Aspen
6889 EB Greenway at Aspen
6355 EB Greenway at Deer Creek
6838 WB Greenway at Deming
6141 NB Greenway at Gialamas
6282 SB Greenway at Gialamas
6906 WB Greenway at Le Silve
6965 EB Greenway at Q Hammons
6392 SB High Point at Greenway
6825 NB High Point at Greenway
6602 WB Holiday at Q Hammons
6138 WB Market at Aspen
6723 EB Market at Aspen
6311 EB Market at Deming
6644 WB Mendota at Allen
6406 WB Mendota at Gateway
6915 EB Mendota at Gateway
6142 WB Mendota at University
6717 EB Mendota at University
6196 SB Middleton at South
6947 NB Middleton at South
6345 NB Middleton at Voss
6438 WB Montclair at Pleasant View
6591 EB Montclair at Pleasant View
6808 WB Murphy at Deming
6226 WB Murphy at Eagle
6415 EB Murphy at Eagle
6475 NB Northbrook at Century
6758 SB Northbrook at Century
6529 NB Northbrook at Donna
6386 SB Park at Donna
6146 SB Park at Pheasant Branch
6635 NB Park at Pheasant Branch
6208 SB Park Lawn at Franklin
6639 NB Park Lawn at Franklin
6471 NB Park Lawn at Maywood
6856 SB Park Lawn at Maywood
6163 NB Parview at Murphy
6844 SB Parview at Murphy
6270 SB Pinehurst at Greenview
6655 NB Pinehurst at Greenview
6479 NB Pleasant View at Airport
6908 SB Pleasant View at Airport
6182 SB Pleasant View at Fairway
6775 NB Pleasant View at Fairway
6652 SB Pleasant View at T C Building
6851 NB Pleasant View at T C Building
6884 SB Q Hammons at Greenway
6811 NB Q Hammons at Holiday
6918 WB Q Hammons at Holiday
6433 EB Quarry at Research
6562 WB Quarry at Research
6150 WB Terrace at High Point
6313 EB Terrace at High Point
6592 WB Terrace at Middleton
6785 EB Terrace at Middleton
6441 EB Terrace at Parmenter
6966 WB Terrace at Parmenter
6698 WB University at Allen
6213 SB University at Branch
6162 WB University at Bristol
6643 EB University at Bristol
6147 WB University at Gateway
6322 SB University at Gateway
6335 WB University at Lakeview
6420 EB University at Maple
6134 WB University at Park
6542 WB University at Parmenter
6607 EB University at Parmenter
6828 WB University Green at Pleasant View
6845 EB University Green at Pleasant View
6325 EB Voss at Middleton
Stop ID Direction Stop Name
3240 WB Industrial at South Towne
3931 EB Industrial at South Towne
Shorewood Hills
Stop ID Direction Stop Name
2698 WB University at University Bay
Sun Prairie
Stop ID Direction Stop Name
9148 WB Blue Aster at Grand
9726 WB Blue Aster at Legacy
9953 EB Blue Aster at Legacy
9894 SB Hoepker at Legacy
9580 WB Hoepker at Merchant
9418 SB Hoepker at Prairie Lakes
9639 NB Hoepker at Prairie Lakes
9227 NB Legacy at Hoepker
9258 WB Main at Grand
9242 WB Main at Highway Ramp
9871 EB Main at Highway Ramp
9504 WB Main at Thompson
Stop ID Direction  Stop Name
5982 WB Wheeler at Ilene