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We know that taking the bus for first time can be intimidating. Where does it stop? When will it be here? How do I pay? How do I tell the driver to stop?

These are all common questions answered below so you feel comfortable and prepared on your very first ride!

Metro customer service representatives are also always available help plan your trip, find your bus, or answer any questions. Give us a call at 608-266-4466 or email at

Where can I board the bus?

In general, you can board at any bus stop along the route. This includes the "time points" listed on the map and schedule, and all regular stops along the route.

"Time points" are locations designated on the route where the bus will always be there at the time listed. For example, if the bus is running one minute early, it will stop and wait for one minutes at these locations to get back on schedule. Time points are the major stops listed on the route's schedule and map. The Route 23 has seven time points. 

Then there are "regular bus stops." These stops are not listed on maps, but are locations on the road where you'll find white and blue Metro bus stop signs. You can also find these stops by searching on Google Maps and looking for the blue bus icon. Find the bus stop closest to you, and write down it's unique four-digit stop ID number. Using this number, search for this stop online to see exactly when the bus will arrive to this stop. We recommend arriving five minutes early to all regular bus stops, and remember to wave down your driver as the bus approaches. The bus will only stop if passengers are boarding. 

Route 23 also has a "limited stop zone." These are areas of the route where buses do not stop at every regular bus stop along the route. These zones are to ensure express commuter routes remain fast and effective. On the Route 23, the limited stop zone occurs the entire length of E. Washington Ave. Passengers can only board at the locations listed on the map in the striped route area.

Route 23 map

How do I know when my bus is coming?

The easiest way to find out when your bus is coming is to utilize online tools. Using your four-digit stop ID number, you can find real-time schedules right here on Metro's website. The webpage shows when the bus is scheduled to be at that stop and if they are any delays. Remember to always arrive to your stop a couple minutes early to make sure you don't miss the bus. Timing can change based upon congestion, weather, or something as simple as hitting a series of green lights.

There are also various third-party apps you can download that can help plan your trip and track your bus. Explore your options and find one that works best for you.

How do I pay?

You can pay with cash or a Metro pass or card. Cash fare is $2.00 and must be exact change. There are a variety of different fare cards including the 10-ride card and 31-day unlimited ride pass. See a full list of fares here >>

Metro fare cards can be purchased at various sales outlets, online or through Metro-By-Mail. In Sun Prairie, outlets are available at:

  • Sun Prairie City Hall (300 E. Main Street – 2nd Floor)
  • Sun Prairie Library (1350 Linnerud Dr.)
  • Westside Community Service Building  ( 2598 W. Main Street – Parks and Recreation Department)


Are you using Metro Transit to commute to work and want to save some money? Encourage your employer to sign up for the Metro Commute Card Program.

How do I use the Park & Ride?

Sun Prairie's Park & Ride lot is located at 2751 O'Keeffe Ave, at the corner of Reiner Road and O'Keeffe Avenue.  This lot provides access to the Route 23 bus route during peak commuting periods.

The bus arrives to the Park and Ride (Stop ID #9001) at 6:40a, 7:08a, 7:38a and 8:08a.

When does the bus run? Can I use it on the weekends?

The Route 23 is a commuter route, which means it currently only operates on weekdays during the morning and afternoon rush hours - between 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. in the morning, and between 3:50 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the afternoon.

Metro does not serve the City of Sun Prairie on the weekends.

Where does the Route 23 go?Metro bus in sun prairie

The Route 23 serves the American Center area, Prairie Lakes Shopping Center, the Sun Prairie Police and Fire Department, Walmart, the YMCA and the Park & Ride lot. Riders can also access the East Towne Mall, HyVee, Milwaukee St., Livingston St., and the Capitol Square in the City of Madison.

From the Capitol Square, riders can transfer to many other bus routes that go to the west, north and south sides of Madison. Plan your trip on Google Maps. If you plan on transferring, please ask your driver for a free transfer when you first board the bus in Sun Prairie. 

How do I tell the driver to stop?

There will be audible announcements calling out the next stop during your ride. When you hear your stop called or see your stop approaching, look at the walls and seats around you. There will be yellow cords, strips or buttons for you to press to indicate you'd like to stop. The bus will make a "ding!" sound and STOP REQUESTED will appear on the sign behind the driver. When the driver comes to a complete stop, please exit out of the back door of the bus.

How do I stay updated with service announcements?

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