Route 55

Service peak hours approximately from 6am to 9am and 4pm to 7pm between Junction and Watts and Epic via Watts, High Point, Starr Grass, Waldorf, Mid Town, Woods, and Northern Lights.

Route 55 (Southbound)
  • Starts eastbound on Watts just after Junction
  • Continues eastbound on Watts
  • Right on High Point
  • Right on Starr Grass
  • Left on Waldorf
  • Right on Mid Town
  • Left on Woods
  • Right on Mckee
  • Left on Northern Lights
  • Right Epic Staff Park C Driveway 
  • End Epic bus stop loop at Park C driveway
Route 55 (Northbound)
  • From Epic bus stop at Park C driveway
  • Follow Epic Park C Driveway
  • Left Northern Lights
  • Right Mckee
  • Left Woods
  • Right Mid Town
  • Left Waldorf
  • Right Starr Grass
  • Left High Point
  • Left Watts
  • Right on Junction
  • End northbound on Junction just after Watts