Route 55

Service between Junction and Watts and Epic via Watts, High Point, Starr Grass, Waldorf, Mid Town, Woods, and Northern Lights.

Route 55 (Southbound)
  • Starts eastbound on Watts just after Junction
  • Continues eastbound on Watts
  • Right on High Point
  • Right on Starr Grass
  • Left on Waldorf
  • Right on Mid Town
  • Left on Woods
  • Right on Mckee
  • Left on Northern Lights
  • Right Epic Staff Park C Driveway 
  • End Epic bus stop loop at Park C driveway
Route 55 (Northbound)
  • From Epic bus stop at Park C driveway
  • Follow Epic Park C Driveway
  • Left Northern Lights
  • Right Mckee
  • Left Woods
  • Right Mid Town
  • Left Waldorf
  • Right Starr Grass
  • Left High Point
  • Left Watts
  • Right on Junction
  • End northbound on Junction just after Watts