Plan your trip with Metro Staff!

New Metro routes start June 11!
Visit with Metro staff at the following events and plan your new bus trip! 

All Metro routes change on Sunday, June 11.

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, June 1; 12p - 2p
Central Madison Library (table only)

Friday, June 2
Segoe Terrace; 9:30a (information table)
Warner Park Community Center 6p (outreach meeting)

Saturday, June 3; 10a – 12p
Meadowridge Library (parked bus and table)

Monday, June 5; 11a-2p
Central Madison Library (table only)

Tuesday, June 6
Bus & Brownies on the Bike Path!; 3-6p

Capital City Trail @ E Wilson Street and S Ingersoll St., in the cul-de-sac (see map)

Wednesday, June 7; 11a-2p
Meadowridge Library  (parked bus and table)

Thursday, June 8
Centro Hispano Market; 2-7p (table only)
MYarts Transportation Event; 4p-7p

Saturday, June 10
Safety Saturday; 8a-1p
Waterfront Fest; 10a-5p

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