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Buses to Return to Jenifer St.

Staff presented a draft of Metro’s study of bus service on Jenifer and Williamson streets to the Madison Transit and Parking Commission on Wednesday, October 19.

The study was conducted to determine how best to operate Metro Transit service through the Wil-Mar neighborhood following the completion of the Jenifer St. reconstruction project.

Following this presentation, there was no request to continue this effort.

As a result, Metro Transit will return to Jenifer St. on Monday, October 31.


items being considered

The following are some of the many issues that were considered in attempting to determine where buses operated through the neighborhood.

  • Resident feedback
  • Residential impact
  • Business owner feedback
  • Economic input on businesses
  • Historical review of transit impact on both Williamson and Jenifer streets
Metro Transit
  • On-time performance
  • Equity
  • Driver feedback
  • Safety analysis
Traffic Engineering
  • Parking data and trends (financial impact, parking counts)
  • Intersection data and trends
  • Pedestrian data and trends
  • Traffic count data and trends
Planning and Economic/Community Development
  • How transit best serves the community vs. parking
  • Transit service impact on business and econonic development
  • Population density in neighborhood through past recent years

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