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"Accelerated Academy Pilot Program"

The Madison Police Department is pleased to announce that on Wednesday June 18th, 2008 the "Accelerated Academy" will be honored at their graduation. This event will take place at 215 S. Hamilton Street (Dane County Courthouse) in the Assembly Hall Room L1000 at 6:00PM. The current graduates all bring some level of experience with them to the Madison Police Department as all worked for other law enforcement agencies prior to coming to The City of Madison. The graduation is the culmination of hard work and dedication; coupled by persistent drive to accomplish a rather difficult task. The Accelerated Academy involved both classroom/practical instruction for approximately 8 weeks followed by a field training experience with veteran officers for 9 weeks. Both the Madison Police Department Training Staff and Officers have worked extremely hard to make this a reality, and this event will mark yet another opportunity to add to the effectiveness that MPD has had in all communities throughout this city. Appreciation is also being extended to all parties that were involved in making this a reality, and we look forward to all new hires in this academy having a promising career here within The City of Madison Police Department. The Media is invited.


  • PO Howard Payne, (608) 266-4897