Several offices on the ballot this spring require a primary election on February 21.

The Spring Primary is on Feb. 21, 2023.

In Wisconsin, a Spring Primary is necessary when more than two people declare they are running for the same non-partisan office that is up for election in the Spring Election.

There are several offices that will be on the ballot in February:

  • Supreme Court Justice
  • Mayor
  • Alderperson, District 2
  • Alderperson, District 3
  • Alderperson, District 4
  • Alderperson, District 9
  • Alderperson, District 10
  • Alderperson, District 12
  • Alderperson, District 14
  • Alderperson, District 20

For each race listed above, the two candidates who receive the most votes will advance to the Spring Election ballot. The Spring Election is on Apr. 4, 2023.

All City of Madison voters will see the primary races for Supreme Court Justice and Mayor.

The City of Madison Assessor’s Office website allows you to find out which Aldermanic district you live in. Search by your address on the Property Look-up page. Your Aldermanic district will be listed under “City Hall.” If you live in Aldermanic districts 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 12, 14, or 20, you will see the primary races for your district on your ballot.

Sample ballots will be available for viewing by address on the MyVote Wisconsin website at least 21 days prior to Election Day.


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