Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

The 28th annual Madison compost bin truckload sale will be held by RainReserve on October. 23, 2021 at the Garver Feed Mill (3241 Garver Green). Pre-orders are now available. The location provides easy pick-up and experts will be on hand to answer questions.

The sale is being conducted in support of the City of Madison’s goals related to food waste and supports handling of yard waste that prevents harmful phosphorous run-off into our lakes.

The natural benefits of  compost are apparent to most backyard gardeners. “Besides providing a free source of nutrients to your plants, the simple, low maintenance activity of composting food scraps and other organic material yields direct benefits to our community”, says Stacie Reece, the City of Madison Sustainability Program Coordinator.

According to Bryan Johnson, the City of Madison’s Street Division’s Recycling Coordinator, “The Dane County landfill has approximately 10 years of space left before it is full and needs to close. Food waste makes up nearly 20% of everything the City sends to the landfill each year. So every bit we can prevent from entering our trash and filling the landfill will help. Home composting appropriate food scraps is one way that residents can assist.”

Composting leaves and grass clippings along with food scraps have the added benefit of reducing phosphorus in our local waterways. Just one pound of phosphorus can generate up to 500 pounds of algae.

According to RainReserve, “Thanks in part to the City’s sponsorship of the annual Compost Bin sale, buying on a budget is possible.” RainReserve recommends pre-ordering your compost bin as only a limited supply is available. Compost bins are available at discounted prices with no shipping added.

What about rain barrels like in years past?
Due to a material shortage, rain barrels will not be available for this sale.

However, you can purchase rain barrel diverter kits as part of this sale that can be used to install a rain barrel at your home.

Additional Information
For more information and to pre-order visit the Streets Division’s webpage regarding the sale.