Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

As you prepare for the Spring Election on April 5, the City of Madison Clerk’s Office wants to remind you what types of photo ID you can use for voting in Wisconsin.

Acceptable Forms of Photo ID

  • Wisconsin driver license (expired after 11/03/2020)
  • WI DOT-issued photo ID card (expired after 11/03/2020)
  • U.S. passport (expired after 11/03/2020)
  • Military ID card (expired after 11/03/2020)
  • Certificate of naturalization issued within last 2 years
  • Unexpired Wisconsin driver license or state ID receipt
  • ID card issued by a Native American Tribe, regardless of expiration
  • ID issued by a Wisconsin accredited university or college—must contain issuance date, student signature, and expiration date within 2 years of issuance. If the ID is expired, proof of current enrollment is also required.
  • Unexpired Veterans Affairs ID card

If you usually use your Wisconsin driver’s license or state ID, military ID card, or U.S. passport, make sure the expiration date is after 11/03/2020.

Voters who have previously provided their acceptable photo ID for an absentee ballot do not need to do so again unless they have updated their registration due to a move or name change.

Voters who do not have an acceptable ID to vote on Election Day will be offered the opportunity to vote provisionally. Provisional voters will have until 4:00pm on Friday, April 8, to get a copy of their acceptable photo ID to the Clerk’s Office to have their ballot counted at the Board of Canvassers meeting.

Need help getting an ID? The Dane County Voter ID Coalition can help you with that. They provide help with getting transportation to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and working through the DMV application process. For assistance, visit their website at or call (608) 285-2141.


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