Ald. Zellers Congratulates Veritas Village on Multi-Family Solar Installation

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 9:44am

Ald. Ledell Zellers congratulates, Veritas Village, LLC, in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, for completing one of the largest solar installations in Madison for a multi-family property.

Veritas Village, LLC reports that the solar array of 704 panels will offset 65% of the common area electrical requirement at Veritas Village, a 189-unit multi-family development on N. Livingston Street. This array is the first of its kind to be incorporated by this developer into a multi-family property.

T. Wall Enterprises contracted with SunPeak to complete three additional solar installations for a total of 924 more solar panels on other existing developments. These solar installations mark a significant step for renewable energy in Madison.

Utilizing renewable energy through the incorporation of solar arrays at new and existing properties is one way T. Wall is doing his part for environmentally sustainable development.

“Incorporating renewable energy is becoming even more cost effective due in part to local, state and national financial incentives. The long-term financial and environmental benefits are clear; now is a great time to invest in renewable energy,” said Terrence Wall, President of T. Wall Enterprises.

“We want to thank Focus on Energy, MG&E, Settler’s Bank, and of course SunPeak for their important roles in the success of this solar array installation,” adds Wall.

“Adding solar panels to create clean, renewable energy is a great choice for Wisconsin property owners. We congratulate T. Wall Enterprises for their leadership in including solar power in their Veritas Village multi-family development. This is now the largest solar project on a multi-family building in the City of Madison, and the largest solar project of any kind on Madison’s isthmus,” said Tyler Huebner, Executive Director of RENEW Wisconsin, a statewide renewable energy organization.