Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

The Streets Division will be plowing all residential streets starting this afternoon when the snow is due to taper off.  There is no declared snow emergency.
The Streets Division would still prefer if residents did not park vehicles on the street, especially in the downtown/isthmus area, to help facilitate plowing. Keeping the vehicles out of the street makes plowing faster, safer, and more complete. However, since this is not a declared snow emergency event, alternate-side parking restrictions will only be in effect outside of the downtown/isthmus Snow Emergency Zone.  Also, since this is not a snow emergency event, regular rates will remain in place at all city parking ramps.
While traveling throughout the city today and for the evening rush hour, all roadway users are urged to remain cautious.  Some slick patches could persist. The salt routes were maintained from the start of the storm Sunday evening. Crews will continue maintaining the salt routes until the storm allows operations to rotate these pieces of equipment into residential areas and begin plowing those streets.   As always, please continue to make good choices while driving and riding through the city today.  Generally speaking, be slow, be alert, and be safe on the roads today.
Since citywide plowing operations will commence this afternoon, it is likely that those commuting home this evening will encounter vehicles plowing the streets.  If you encounter a plow vehicle on your commute be sure to give them plenty to space so they can continue their work safely.
Contractors will be used for this snow plowing event. The combined deployed snow plow force will be 150-plus pieces of equipment.
All city streets will likely be plowed in 10 to 12 hours after plowing operations commence.  And at this time the Streets Division anticipates having all city streets plowed prior to the Tuesday morning commute.
After the plow is complete, the Streets Division will call in a new deployment of personnel to apply sand in residential areas to provide traction to help combat potential slippery spots.  Residents should still plan on needing a few extra minutes for their Tuesday morning commutes to get to their destination safely.
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