Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Today, the Streets Division begins the annual August Moving Days clean-up.

Below is a summary explaining Streets Division operations in the coming weeks as well as providing guidance as to what people moving should do to make this process fast and safe for everyone.

Additional information about the August Moving Days, including what is captured below, can be found on the Streets Division’s website,

Daily Cart Collection
From August 1, 2022 to August 15, 2022 the Streets Division will be emptying trash and recycling carts daily for residents within the downtown moving days area.

Residents in the move out area should fill and then refill these carts again and again during this window of time.

How to Use the Large Item Work Order System during the Move Out
In the downtown moving days area, the requirements for the large item work order system are slightly different from August 8, 2022 through August 19, 2022.

For items requiring a fee (microwaves, air conditioners, etc.), you must use the large item work order system to schedule a curbside pickup. If you would like to take the item to a drop-off site instead, you can pay necessary fee in person, online, or over the phone and take the item to a drop-off site once you have received the appropriate fee sticker. This is the regular procedure for these items.

In the moving days area, you do not need to submit a work order for items collected at no cost (couches, chairs, tablets, etc.) between August 8, 2022 and August 19, 2022.

If you have large items in the student move area that need to be picked up after 12:00pm on August 19, 2022 you must submit a work order before setting items to the curb, and you should wait to set them out for pickup until the date you selected in the work order form.

How to Recycle Televisions, Computers, and Other Electronics
Electronics must be taken to a Streets Division drop-off site.

Televisions, computers, and monitors all require a recycling fee that must be paid before items will be accepted at the sites.

The recycling fee can be paid in person at the Streets Division offices.

You can also pay the fee online or over the phone. Following a successful purchase, a fee sticker will be mailed to you. When you receive the sticker, place it on the item and bring it to a drop-off site.

Items requiring a fee will not be accepted at the drop-off sites if they do not have the appropriate fee sticker attached.

Follow Collection Guidelines
In order for collection crews to work quickly and safely, follow the collection rules and guidelines.

Avoid placing your large items near obstructions, like street signs, fire hydrants, and low overhead wires.

Bag excess trash that will not fit into your cart. Do not to create loose piles of debris on the terrace. And do not stuff extra trash into cardboard boxes.

Only place good recyclables into the green recycling cart. Empty and collapse your cardboard boxes before recycling them, and be sure other recyclables are clean, empty, and dry.

Donate Usable Items
There are several organizations in Madison that will accept your usable items, and some are even able to offer a free home collection.

Placing items out to the curb means Streets Division crews will collect it and send it to the landfill.

If the furniture, clothes, books, or other items are usable, there is no reason to waste them with so many donation opportunities available.

Additional Information
Additional information regarding all Streets Division services can be found at or by contacting our offices.

Residents who live east of South Park Street can call 608-246-4532 and residents west of South Park Street can call 608-266-4681.