Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 8:51am

Crossing Guards onDuty

Our longtime crossing guard supervisor, Bob Olsen tells us that 55 school crossing guards will once again be hitting the streets of Madison. Today, Wednesday August 27th, these vitally important men and women will be at the MPD training center for their annual training and update.  Bob says the guards staff strategic school zone intersections for about 3 hours a day everyday that schools in Madison are in session.

This year crossing guards will begin duty on Tuesday, September 2nd.  Joining them will be our longest serving crossing guard, Jim Kohl.  Jim’s been safely crossing kids on the west side for 30 years. You’ll see him at Seminole and Nakoma Roads mornings and afternoons.  On the east side, drivers passing Pflaum at Maher will recognize Kearn Blocker whose friendly waves to passersby bring a smile to motorists  as well as heightened driver awareness of the crossing.
Wherever you encounter them, these guards are hard at work protecting our kids. Bob announced that during the 2013-2014 school year, there were zero reported injuries at protected intersections. With your help, we can match that success and keep Madison school zones safe.  Be sure to pay attention to crossing guards, slow down and yield to pedestrians.

Keep in mind:

 School zones and intersections monitored by crossing guards may have a posted speed limit of 20 mph.  If there is no posting, the speed limit in school zones is 15 mph.

If a crossing guard signals for you to stop, you are required to stop no closer than 10 feet and no less than 30 feet from the guard.  Remain stopped until both the kids and the guard have returned to the curb.

U-turns in school zones are not only prohibited, they are extremely unsafe. 

Pay attention to no parking signs in school zones.  A sign that says, “no stopping, standing or parking” means you may not use that area as an unloading point.  You may not stop there even briefly to drop off kids.  These restrictions are designed to relieve congestion and keep everyone’s children safe. 

If you get the chance, please take the time to thank our crossing guards.  They do a great job and will appreciate your support.