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Second witness remains unidentified

Donovan L Stone
Born in 1987
(Recently came to Madison from Boulder, CO six weeks ago)
Case # 2015-230935
911 call time - 10:30 p.m. 07-13-15
Arrest time - 6:55 p.m. 07-14-15
Charges: Second degree sexual assault and CCW

On 07-13-15 Madison Police Department officers responded to a stranger sexual assault that had occurred on the southwest commuter bike path near Charter Street.  
The victim fought her attacker while simultaneously calling out for help. Two witnesses who heard and saw the attack ran to the aid of the woman. At that point the suspect fled the scene chased by the two witnesses. MPD has only been able to talk to one of these key witnesses. We hope that the unknown second witness contacts the Madison Police Department to share his account of what he witnessed to help strengthen the investigation even further (Crime stoppers- 266-6014).
The Central Detective team used traditional police investigative tools to develop a suspect, Donovan Stone. The Central district officers and the neighborhood officers knew the suspect from prior police contacts. Officers located the suspect on State Street last night. Stone surrendered without incident.

PIO Kimberly Alan


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