Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Members Assist Fond du Lac P.D.

In recent weeks, the Blue Net Burglary Task Force has been assisting detectives from the Fond du Lac Police Department in identifying, and locating suspects wanted for a smash-and-grab style theft that netted some $3,800 worth of electronics from a Fond du Lac Shopko store.

Madison Police Lieutenant Mark Brown, who leads Blue Net, said Fond du Lac investigators contacted the task force in late April, and asked if members would be able to identify two people captured on surveillance video leaving the Shopko with stolen merchandise.

Brown said Blue Net was able to identify Seth P. Titter, age 21, Madison, and DeShawn A. Amy, age 18, Madison, as both have been listed in past internal intelligence bulletins compiled by the task force. Fond du Lac investigators were able to connect a third suspect to the crime: Shaun L. Linnell, age 19, DeForest.

They are accused of using a bolt cutter to enter a Shopko stock room and steal electronic items.

All were located in the Madison area, and taken into custody for parole violations or probation holds.

Lt. Brown said the theft was similar to others that took place in Dane, Iowa, and Sauk counties during the summer of 2008. Typically, he says, suspects enter large department stores and create diversions to draw the attention of security staff. While loss prevention officers check out such activity, other criminals enter stock rooms and steal expensive merchandise.

Brown said the group became known as the "van gang" because they would flee out of emergency exits and jump into waiting vans or cars.

He pledges to keep Blue Net working with jurisdictions outside of Dane County. "By networking we are seeing a dramatic decrease in burglaries," adding, "It also puts us in a better position to track our known burglars and identify new ones. By working cooperatively, agencies are beginning to see a higher success rate in apprehending burglars and solving other crimes associated with their activities."


  • Lt. Mark Brown, 266-4482