Guaranteed curbside pickup will resume in 2023

Madison residents should not place brush at the curb for pickup at this time. Opportunities to set out brush for curbside pickup are over until the spring of 2023.

Nearly all Madison neighborhoods have received their five guaranteed opportunities for curbside brush collection opportunities for 2022.

As of the publication of this release, Streets Division crews are at work performing the final curbside pickup for the far west side neighborhoods who were directed to set brush out on Sunday, October 2, 2022. Residents on the far west side should not set more brush out for pickup at this time as crews may have already been by your home.

What is “brush”?
Brush is woody material you have cut from your trees, shrubs, or bushes that measure at least 18 inches in length.

Use Drop-off Sites for Brush
The Streets Division drop-off sites will accept brush from Madison residents.

In order to use the sites, you will need to provide proof of residency.

Residents are restricted to one trip daily and the maximum amount of material that can be dropped in the one trip is equivalent to what would fit into the back of standard pickup truck bed or on a 5’ x 8’ trailer.
Oversized loads will be denied use of the drop-off sites.

For site locations, hours, and other restrictions, visit the drop-off sites page at

Do Not Mix Brush Into Leaf Piles
Yard waste and brush are processed differently.

Brush is taken to be chipped into mulch at the city’s brush processing center.

Yard waste is hauled to a composter.

Piles of yard waste and leaves with brush mixed in will not be collected by yard waste collection crews.

Why is brush collection ending now?
The same crews that collect brush are the ones who perform the fall yard waste and leaves collection that begins soon.

The brush pick-up service needs to end so there is available personnel to perform the curbside yard waste and leaves collection.

Why isn’t there brush collection after the leaf pickup is done in the fall?
Fall yard waste and leaf collection starts in October and does not end until early December.

In December, there is the threat of snowstorms.

The same crews that collect leaves and brush are the ones who drive snowplowing equipment, too. And, of course, snowstorms can bury brush piles at the curb.

The Streets Division understands the disappointment halting brush collection this time of year causes each year, especially for homeowners with oak trees. However, we cannot guarantee a mid-to-late December brush collection due to the possibility of winter storms. Drop-off sites remain available year-round to accept brush.

Additional Information
For more information about brush, please visit the brush website at

For more information about the Streets Division drop-off sites to learn their hours, locations, and restrictions visit

And for more information about all of the Streets Division services, please visit