The Bubbler at Madison Public Library is looking for artists to display their art in Madison’s libraries from summer 2023 through summer 2024 through a new selection process that will set exhibitions in all libraries for the year.

“We’re excited to pilot this new process and have one application period for all interested artists to apply to exhibit their work in Madison’s public libraries,” said Trent Miller, Bubbler Program & Gallery Coordinator.  “In addition, this new process includes stipends for artists based on space and duration of the exhibition, and encourages artists to provide additional community engagement around their work in line with our library’s vision of being a place to learn, share and create.”

January 2022: Madison Public Library Art Application form opens to the public
March 10, 2023: Application deadline
March 10, 2023 - April 10, 2023: Applicants reviewed by a jury consisting of community artists and library staff members
April 10, 2023: Results will be shared with applicants via email

This application cycle will focus on exhibitions between Summer 2023 - Summer 2024. The duration of each exhibition may vary by location; desired timelines are typically 4 months.

Madison Public Library exhibition opportunities are highly competitive and not all proposals to display will be accepted. Work is chosen based on how it fits with Madison Public Library programming at a particular moment, not on merit alone. In unique circumstances applications may be accepted outside of these deadlines if aligned with current Madison Public Library targeted goals and programming. Applications are monitored as they are submitted in order to be flexible within the library’s approach.

Along with exhibiting work within library spaces, the application encourages the selected artist(s) to plan for 1-3 community engagement opportunities in relation to the show’s theme, medium, and/or maker(s). These community engagement opportunities can take on various forms such as:

  • a hands-on workshop for the public
  • an artist talk/panel discussion
  • a community group collaboration

Experience in community collaboration, teaching, and facilitation is desirable but our Library staff have access and expertise to support the artist(s) in this work. As plans are finalized, artists can expect to receive an additional stipend for these community engagement opportunities.

Artists can learn more about stipends and apply at
Learn more about the Bubbler and current exhibitions at