MADISON, WI -- The Bubbler at Madison Public Library is looking for artists to help facilitate an exciting new project called Our Town Everywhere: A Self-Portrait of Madison. This unique portrait-making project will take place throughout 2023 and across the city of Madison.

"Libraries create endless opportunities for belonging, connection, and resource sharing. Our Town Everywhere: A Self-Portrait of Madison will help us tell the story of who we are and how we are currently in community with one another,” said Carlee Latimer, Bubbler Program Assistant.

The initial call for artists includes three paid artist-in-residence opportunities that hone in on particular skill sets needed for the vision and scope of the project. These roles include a Studio Activator at the Central Library’s Bubbler Room, an Exhibition Lead, and a Logistical Lead. Each role will play an integral part in the project; artists will receive a $1,000/month stipend and a 6-8 month commitment is required, depending on the role.

Popping up in libraries, parks, shelters, and other community spaces, folks of all ages will be invited to create and contribute their own stamped self-portrait into the collection. In return, they will receive a print of a portrait done by someone else in the community.

The Our Town Everywhere project is happening in two phases, with the first phase already underway. During Madison Public Library’s staff day in fall 2022, hundreds of library employees made self-portraits using the custom stamp shapes and grid paper synonymous with Our Town Everywhere. Those portraits, alongside pieces from the original iteration of the Our Town project in Nashville, TN, are currently being exhibited in the Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery on the 3rd floor of Central Library through February 28, 2023.

In the coming year, the Bubbler will work with artists and local organizations to facilitate self-portrait sessions that will add to this colossal community art project. The Bubbler has already partnered with Communication Print Collective, a local arts organization, to create prints that everyone who does a self-portrait will receive. In addition they plan to build out a robust roster of facilitating artists who will learn alongside the community as they make the project accessible to anyone who wants to participate.

"My involvement in being a part of Our Town stamp project has been life changing for me. It was so inspiring seeing different people's creative abilities open up, showing a part of who they are. I am so excited to see what kind of impact this project will continue to make on our city in the near future,” said Savannah Starling, Our Town Everywhere Facilitating Artist.

Artists can learn more and apply for the open positions through February 20 at:
Learn more about viewing the current exhibition at:

Our Town Everywhere is funded by Madison Public Library Foundation, Ascendium Education GroupScooter Software Inc. and City of Madison.

About Our Town Nashville
Our Town Nashville was a community art project in Nashville, Tennessee from 2014-2015. For two years, letterpress printmaker Bryce McCloud traveled around Davidson County with a team of artists, inviting people from all walks of life to participate in a public art project titled Our Town Nashville. Actively engaging folks in a conversation about community, Our Town Nashville created a space where people unlikely to otherwise participate in art-making could use handmade stamps to create their own self portrait. Learn more at

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