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MPD Makes 128 Burglary Arrests

The Madison Police Department (MPD) has made 128 arrests for burglary since January of 2007, and Police Chief Noble Wray says a newly formed task force will be charged with apprehending more of those who have been breaking into homes and businesses.

The MPD began applying additional resources to combat burglaries when a trend indicating an increase in such criminal activity was identified in mid-2007. A comprehensive plan was developed and Community Police Teams, patrol officers, and detectives pitched in to attack the problem. Their efforts have proven successful.

There have been 76 adult, and 52 juvenile arrests for burglary since the first of last year. In many cases small numbers of criminals are being linked to multiple crimes, and numerous investigations --aimed at clearing, as many crimes as possible-- are ongoing.

Detectives have found that portable electronic devices - particularly laptop computers -- are often the burglars' targets. Investigators recommend people write down serial numbers of portable electronic items, and store them in places that are the most safe or discreet.

These officers are now part of a new team that was formed as the Madison Police Department's comprehensive burglary plan evolved into a Burglary Task Force. MPD Lt. Mark Brown is leading the "Blue Net". It represents the latest embodiment of MPD "Blue" efforts.

A couple of decades ago the MPD put up the "Blue Tent" to stake out and diminish the sex for sale industry along Main and King Streets in the center city. In the 1990's a "Blue Blanket" was thrown over street level drug sales that had sprung up in parts of Madison.

Now "Blue Net" members will help coordinate a countywide response to the rise in commercial and residential break-ins.


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