Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Madison crews were out in force Saturday night through Sunday responding to damage created by a very unexpected tornado that touched down on Madison’s Eastside Saturday evening.

National Weather Service personnel who toured the area on Sunday referred to the tornado as “as rare as you can get” noting that October experiences the fourth least number of tornados in Wisconsin, and there was little to no indication the storm was forming. The storm has been rated an EF-0, indicating the wind speeds were 70-80 miles per hour where the storm touched down.

There were no reports of injuries. Some commercial buildings on or near East Washington Avenue did sustain roof and some structural damage as did some homes and garages as a result of falling trees. City staff are continuing to inventory tree loss, but it is estimated that 40 to 60 street trees were lost and nearly 100 additional trees in parks. Those numbers do not include the dozens of trees on private property that homeowners are continuing to remove.

“Once again City employees responded to an emergency with professional efficiency,” said Mayor Soglin. “I know the work continues but I am grateful to our workers and to MG&E as roads were opened and power was restored as soon as possible.”

Parks Forestry, Streets, Traffic Engineering and Building Inspection units were on the scene assisting Madison Police and Fire Departments, and will continue until clean-up of brush, replacement of street signs and permanent repair of traffic signals is completed. Streets officials report that 34 tons of brush have already been collected and crews will be pulled off leaf pick up to complete that work.


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