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MADISON, WI – Voters will have a choice of “I Voted” stickers when they head out to vote in this fall’s elections.

The City of Madison Clerk’s Office revealed two new “I Voted” stickers on Tuesday. High school sophomore Katina Maclin designed the artwork for the stickers as an intern in the City Clerk’s Office this school year. Maclin was the first City Clerk’s Office intern through the “I Can” internship and mentorship program with 100 Black Men of Madison, Inc.

The City Clerk’s Office has collaborated with 100 Black Men of Madison for years, offering mock elections for youth.  The office also partners with 100 Black Men of Madison on The Democracy Project, a non-partisan program for Black youth that focuses on the democratic process. 
Maclin stated she has always been interested in history, advocacy, and voter outreach. She also has a passion for art and cartooning, so the internship in the Clerk’s Office really grew around her interests and skills. When she sat down to create the pieces, Maclin said, “It was in the realm of what I’m interested. I felt like I was doing it for fun.”

”We wanted to tailor the internship to highlight Katina’s interests and strengths,” said City Clerk Maribeth Witzel-Behl. “It was delightful to watch her creative process.”

Along with the “I Voted” stickers, Maclin designed posters and bookmarks for the Clerk’s Office to use in its voter outreach efforts. Designing the pieces came with challenges, though: “It was hard to get creating at first… I had lots of ideas in my head, just concepts,” Maclin said. But her mother helped her focus her ideas to create the eye-catching visual pieces. Maclin credits both her mom and her brother for motivating her and providing support throughout her artistic process.

”We celebrated as an office when Katina presented us with these works of art,” Witzel-Behl said. “She exceeded our expectations, and we are honored to have been able to work with her.”  

In addition to her skills as an artist, Maclin gets involved in her community through extracurricular activities. She is a member of the varsity track and field and basketball teams at her school, and she writes a column for the Simpson Street Free Press. Maclin also formerly served as the Youth Vice President of the Sun Prairie Youth and Families Commission.

What advice would Maclin give to other teenagers who want to get involved with their community? “Go after each opportunity that you have because you never know what blessings might come from it,” Maclin said. “Keep your eye on what you’re going to get out of it. This experience made me eager to get after more things.”

Voters will see the new stickers as well as the previous stickers at polling places this fall.

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